Housing JSNA

The housing jsna outlines the current and future housing needs throughout Redcar and Cleveland

The needs assessment process aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the current and future needs of the local population to inform service commissioning and help improve health outcomes and reduce inequalities.

The Redcar and Cleveland Adults Joint Strategic Needs assessment (JSNA) uses data, intelligence, and evidence to identify the current and future health and social care needs of the adult population in Redcar and Cleveland.

It provides a compendium of evidence of the health needs of our local population for use by anyone working with, delivering, or planning services for our local population.

The local authority and CCG have a joint statutory duty to produce and maintain the JSNA, and health and social care commissioners are obliged to have “due regard" to the JSNA in exercising their functions.

Having an effective Adults JSNA underpins the effectiveness of local strategies, services, and programmes for addressing poor health and care outcomes.

The Adults JSNA will help to improve the health and wellbeing of the local population by:

  • Providing an up-to-date evidence-based resource to support health and wellbeing planning and commissioning.
  • Highlighting areas where there is a need to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for the local community.
  • Identifying groups with a greater or unmet need (vulnerable groups)
  • Supporting decision makers to allocate resources.

To ensure that our local Adults JSNA is comprehensive and adequately describes the current and future needs of our local population it has been broken down into several individual needs assessments for specific topic areas or population groups.

This document assesses the needs of adults living in Redcar and Cleveland in relation to their 'Mental Health and Wellbeing'.

This JSNA topic will have links to many other JSNA topic areas and should be read in conjunction with these to give a more detailed assessment of local needs. 

The full Housing JSNA report is available to download below.: