The cabinet

Find out more about the councillors who are part of the cabinet

Each member of the cabinet is responsible for portfolios which oversee various aspects of how the council operates. 

The full cabinet line-up of councillors and portfolios can be found below:

  • Leader of the Council - Councillor Alec Brown
  • Resources - Councillor Christopher Massey
  • Adults - Councillor Lisa Belshaw
  • Children - Councillor Bill Suthers
  • Growth and Enterprise - Councillor Lynn Pallister
  • Health, Welfare and Housing - Councillor Ursula Earl
  • Climate and Culture - Councillor Carrie Richardson (and Deputy Leader)
  • Highways and Transport - Councillor Carl Quartermain
  • Neighbourhoods - Councillor Adam Brook

You can find further information and copies of cabinet papers here.