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RCBC Sure Start Greater Eston Area
The Greater Eston Area covers the Sure Start Childrens Centres Grangetown, South Bank and Ormesby
RCBC Sure Start Redcar Area
The Redcar Area covers the Sure Start Childrens Centres of Redcar, Marske and Dormanstown
RCBC Sure Start East Cleveland Area
The East Cleveland Area covers the Sure Start Childrens Centres of Loftus, Skelton, Saltburn and Guisborough

In Redcar and Cleveland we are in a unique position because the staff in our Health Visiting and Childrens Centre services are now working more seamlessly together to ensure that your child and family is able to access a fully integrated early years service. We have achieved this by developing new roles which we call Early Years Practitioners and Early Years Senior Practitioners who complete both the universal healthy child programme contacts and assessments; as well as directly providing early learning and development activities in our childrens centres or acting as a lead professional to support vulnerable families with pre-school children to achieve better outcomes. In addition to those roles our team is made up of 2 Children's Centre Managers, 5 Early Help Leaders and a number of Early Help Support Workers, Children's Centre Assistants and Support Officers. We also have 2 apprentices within Children's Centres and a number of volunteers. We can provide placement opportunities for those in school, college and university.

We are on a journey, working together in a new and exciting way and we want to share this with you.

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The range of activities covers the following themes:

Advice and Information
Childrens Centres can offer a wide range of information and advice on a number of topics including home safety, child development, school readiness, healthy child, parenting, training and employment, nutrition, and breastfeeding. Please pop into your local Childrens Centre or call for advice and information.

Breastfeeding Support
Breast Friends is a social group designed specifically for breastfeeding families with planned fun activities.

Early Support & Portage
Redcar and Cleveland Early Years SEND Team work in partnership with parents and carers to support the development of children from 0 to 3 years who have additional needs.

Healthy Parents, Bumps & Babies
Activities designed specifically to help support you and your family during pregnancy and the first few years of your new babys life.

Parent Participation & Views
Offering you the chance to have your say.

Parenting Programmes
Offering you and your family a range of programmes developed to enhance your knowledge, skills and confidence as a parent/carer.

School Readiness (Child Development)
Get Ready for Nursery, Bookstart Corner and Referral Crèches are all activities to enhance your child's development and readiness for school.

Stay & Play Activities
Offering you and your child a range of fun and exciting activities including crafts, singing, dancing, story telling, outdoor play and much more.

Training & Employment Services
Offering a variety of training courses and employment advice to enable you to gain new skills and confidence, improve your job prospects and gain nationally recognised qualifications.

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Sure Start Children's Centres can be found locally within one of the East, West or Central areas across the borough as can be seen on the map below.

Please feel free to take a look at the Activity Planner for your local Sure Start Children's Centre or Contact Us if you have a question or would like more information on any of our services.

Locaity Map
    Saltburn Childrens Centre

    St Josephs Children's Centre

    St Josephs Centre, Rosecroft Lane, Loftus, Saltburn,
    TS13 4PZ
    Tel: (01287) 644200

    Redcar Childrens Centre

    East Cleveland Children's Centre

    Duncan Place, Loftus, Saltburn,
    TS13 4PR
    Tel: (01287) 640523

    Whitecliffe Childrens Centre

    Whitecliffe Children's Centre

    Kilton Lane, Carlin How, Saltburn
    TS13 4AD
    Tel: (01287) 640009


    Hummersea Children's Centre

    Westfield Way, Loftus, Saltburn
    TS13 4XD
    Tel: (01287) 644200


    Handale Children's Centre

    West Park Avenue, Loftus, Saltburn
    TS13 4RL
    Tel:(01287) 644200

    Saltburn Childrens Centre

    Saltburn Children's Centre

    Marske Mill Lane, Saltburn,
    TS12 1HJ
    Tel: (01287) 626158


    Skelton Children's Centre

    Station Lane, Skelton, Saltburn
    TS12 2LR
    Tel: (01287) 659023

    Guisborough Childrens Centre

    Guisborough Children's Centre

    Park Lane, Guisborough,
    TS14 6NT
    Tel: (01642) 495357


    Lingdale Primary Children's Centre

    Davison Street, Lingdale, Saltburn,
    TS12 3DU
    Tel: (01642) 495357


    Lockwood Primary Children's Centre

    Boosbeck, Saltburn
    TS12 3BL
    Tel: (01642) 495357


    Marske Children's Centre

    Windy Hill Lane, Marske by Sea
    TS11 7BL
    Tel: (01642) 286625


    New Marske Children's Centre

    Birkdale Road, New Marske
    TS11 8BN
    Tel: (01642) 286625


    Redcar Coast Children's Centre

    Rainbow Lane, Redcar
    TS10 1RR
    Tel:(01642) 776030

    Dormanstown Childrens Centre

    Dormanstown Children's Centre

    South Avenue, Dormanstown
    TS10 5LL
    Tel:(01642) 492940

    Redcar Childrens Centre

    Lakeside Children's Centre

    West Dyke Road, Redcar
    TS10 4JH
    Tel: (01642) 774688

    Redcar Childrens Centre

    Redcar Children's Centre

    Keilder Close, Redcar,
    TS10 4HS
    Tel: (01642) 759070

  • ,

    Eston Children's Centre

    Bankfields Primary School, Mansfield Road, Eston
    TS6 0RZ
    Tel: (01642) 321064


    Grangetown Children's Centre

    Grange Farm Road, Grangetown
    TS6 7HP
    Tel: (01642) 770810

  • >
    Southbank Childrens Centre

    South Bank Children's Centre

    Poplar Grove, South Bank
    TS6 6SU
    Tel: (01642) 457291

    Ormesby Childrens Centre

    Ormesby Children's Centre

    Daisy Lane, Ormesby
    TS7 9JF
    Tel:(01642) 513665

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