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​Waiting restrictions are indicated by yellow lines at the side of the road and a yellow time plate located on lamp columns or poles at the edge of the pavement. Where there are yellow lines on the road, the waiting restrictions apply to the whole of the adopted highway including verges and footways.

Double yellow lines 
These lines prohibit parking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sign plates are no longer required unless the restrictions are in force during certain months of the year only e.g March through to September.
Single yellow lines 
These lines prohibit parking for less than 24 hours and may also only apply on certain days of the week only. Sign plates are required to indicate the details of the restriction.

There are exemptions for parking on double or single yellow lines. Drivers may wait on yellow lines as long as is necessary to load and unload bulky goods or to pick up or drop off passengers.

Exemptions also apply to:
  • Blue Badge holders displaying a valid badge
  • Emergency service vehicles
  • Statutory undertakers vehicles
  • Yellow kerb markings 

Yellow kerb markingsYellow kerb blip markings indicate that there are loading restrictions in force. Double blips indicate that the restriction is in force at all times, single blips for specified times of the day or days of the week. There are no exemptions to wait while the restriction is in force. Blue badge holders are not allowed to wait where there are loading blips.

Schools TROs
School TROs are sometimes introduced in residential streets around schools. The restrictions consist of a single yellow line (no waiting) and a single kerb blip (no loading). The restrictions are in force usually between the hours of 8.30 - 9.30am and 2.30 - 4.00pm, Mon to Fri and are necessary to prevent obstruction problems in roads which are unable to cope with high numbers of parents cars.

Clearways/Bus Stop Clearways 
Clearway signA clearway prohibits stopping at any time along a main carriageway or may restrict stopping except for certain vehicle types such as buses. Clearways on main roads (such as trunk roads) are indicated by roundel signs only, showing the clearway symbol. 

No Stopping Expect Buses sign At a bus stop a no stopping except buses clearway restriction is marked by a thick solid yellow line within a bus stop cage marking and the sign shown opposite.

School zig-zag markings are covered by a traffic regulation order which prohibits waiting or loading/unloading of passengers between the hours of 8am to 5pm Mon Fri on school days. These restrictions are in place to maintain road safety for children and parents around the entrance to the school.

Parking Places
Parking places are indicated by white dashed lines on the road and the appropriate white parking bay plate on the kerb adjacent to the bay. Drivers must park within the limits of the marked out bay.

On street pay and display (Redcar)
Charges apply in some parking places between the hours of 8am and 6pm Mon Sat. Parking tickets can be purchased from nearby parking machines. There are different charges at different locations and tickets should be purchased from the nearest machine. Charging information is displayed on the front of the parking machine. 

Disc Parking (Guisborough)
A disc parking scheme is in operation on the cobbled areas of Westgate, the main street running through the town. In order to use the parking places a disc showing the arrival time must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard. Discs can be purchased from local shops for a small charge. Disc parking places are suspended on Thursdays and Saturdays (market days) while market stalls are being set up. 

Other types of parking places
Limited Waiting bay markings Disabled Badge holder sign Bus-stop markings 

Other parking places include:
  • Limited waiting bays
  • Loading only bays
  • Disabled badge holders only. Blue Badge Scheme
  • Bus Stops (buses only)
  • Resident only parking bays (permit holders only)
  • Taxi ranks

Suspended bays​
Suspended baysOn some occasions it may be necessary to suspend the use of a parking place bay e.g if works are required nearby or surfacing works are being carried out. A yellow warning notice will be erected at the bay indicating that the bay has been suspended from use. The notice warns that a PCN will be served to any driver who ignores the suspension.

Drivers Responsibility
It is the drivers responsibility to check all signing before leaving their vehicle in a parking bay or where there are yellow line restrictions. Failure to comply with the signed restrictions may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being served.

Need for Restrictions
Waiting restrictions and controlled parking places are required to increase road safety and to prevent obstruction of the highway. Other reasons include :
  • Protecting visibility at junctions and pedestrian crossings
  • Maintaining access (including emergency access) along narrow streets
  • Increasing the turn over of use of short stay parking spaces in town centres to meet parking demand
  • Maintaining bus route access and keeping bus stops clear of parked cars.
  • Increasing road safety for children around schools
  • Maintaining disabled parking provision in town centre areas
  • Providing long and short stay options within car parks to make best use of spaces.


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