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​Parking policies are formulated to create a consistent approach to regulating the use of the highway and to ensure safe and appropriate use. The policies defined below aim to provide a framework to achieve this objective.

PP1 - Provision of Parking Places
Wherever it is possible, desirable and safe to park, taking into account the access needs of emergency service vehicles, this should be allowed. The conditions relating to who may park and for how long will be tailored to meet the local needs including those of residents, shops and businesses, subject to resources being available to the local authority.

Priorities will be afforded to Disabled motorists who rely on their vehicles to access local amenities. 

PP2 - Road Safety & Casualty Reduction
Parking restrictions will be considered if an accident investigation identifies that parking is a contributory factor to the road safety situation at that location.

Parking restrictions will be investigated if it is considered parking is causing potential road safety hazards at a particular location, including impairing visibility for pedestrians seeking to cross the highway.

PP3 - Traffic Flow
Parking restrictions will be considered to ensure traffic flow and ensure safe turning movements. Situations affecting the passage of emergency service vehicles will be addressed in consultation with the emergency services affected. The extent of the proposals will be determined in accordance with the nature and classification of the highway.

Priorities will be given to proposals benefiting alternative modes of transport to the private car to assist in the creation of an integrated transport system.

PP4 - Environmental Conditions
Parking restrictions will be considered to improve the quality of life for residents, shoppers and other road users by reducing:
  • conflict between vehicles and pedestrians/cyclists
  • vehicle speeds
  • danger

Priority will be given to parking conditions around schools to coordinate with the Authoritys Safer Routes to School initiatives. Priority will also be given to town centre residents where the introduction of other parking controls have resulted in parking displacement to their community. ​


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