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​​​Alcohol Public Spaces Protection Order

The council had made designated public places orders (DPPOs) to control the drinking of alcohol in nine public places in July 2006, using powers then available to it under the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001.

The council has now brought in a replacement PSPO to ensure the council and its partners continue to be able to take action to reduce the problems arising from under-age drinking, public drunkenness, and alcohol related violence.

The PSPO gives police officers (or an authorised person) discretionary powers to take enforcement action by issuing on the spot £100 fines (fixed penalty notice) to members of the public who:

  • continue  to consume alcohol within a designated alcohol control area when asked not to by a constable or authorised person.
  • refuses to surrender any alcohol or container for such alcohol when asked to by a constable or authorised person;

    The PSPO does not make it an offence to consume alcohol in the designated areas. Nor does it place controls on people consuming alcohol in public houses, licensed premises, or pavement cafes.

Breach of the PSPO without a reasonable excuse is an offence, for which a fixed penalty notice of not more than £100 may be issued (maximum court penalty: £500).

​More information about our Alcohol Public Spaces Protection Order is available below:

You can also view location maps for the alcohol control areas including  at public places such as highways and streets, car parks, open spaces, public toilets, and shopping precincts, within the following nine town, village, and local centres across the borough here:

PSPO consultations

Having complied with consultation requirements, the council intends to extend the Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council (Alcohol) Public Spaces Protection Order 2017 for a further three years with variations.


The proposed variations are to designate parts of Skelton an alcohol control area, in addition to the nine existing alcohol control areas, and to bring in new offences prohibiting street urination and defecation within these alcohol control areas.


You can find out more about this proposed extension by downloading the PSPO notice to vary document below:

Notice of intention to extend and vary R&CBC (Alcohol) Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) 2017


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