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​​​Paying for Local Land Searches

April 2017 / April 2018 Local Search and Enquiries fees are shown below:

Searches received​

From 1​st April 2017 Fee

Standard Local Search
(Con29R and LLC1)

£158 inc. VAT element from CON29
(i.e. £26 + £132 as below)


£26.00 (VAT not applicable)

Form of Enquiries (CON29)

£132 inc. VAT

Additional parcel of land

£14.40 inc. VAT total fee

(Con29 additional parcel at: £9.00 + VAT / £10.80 including VAT and LLC1 additional parcel at: £3.60 vat not applicable)

Con 29O Individual Question

£12.00 inc. VAT each except
£16.80 inc. VAT for CON29O Q22 (common land and village greens)

Personal Search

£4.00 (VAT not applicable)

HMRC now apply VAT @20% to the CON29 element of land charge search fees.

For individual CON29 questions, as per the schedule of registers below, VAT @ 20% will be applied and will be additional to the fees shown in the schedule.

For all of the above forms the information given on a search relates only to the property or land identified on the search. The Council does not provide information regarding surrounding properties or land unless specified on the plan.

Note: CON29 searches have changed in line with guidance from the Law Society from 4th July 2016.

From 1stApril 2017, where the council receives an EIR request to supply information, fees will apply as per those set out in the CON29 Schedule of Registers and will be subject to VAT at 20%. The Council recognises that paying a charge for EIR requests will not be financially viable for some people. The Council will therefore offer requestors reasonable advice and assistance in order to help them narrow down the scope of their request in order to reduce the overall fee.

EIR fees may be waived or amended if it is felt that the information is not going to be used commercially and the provision of the information could be of economic or social benefit to the residents of the Borough e.g. a request for environmental information from a local residents group.

Payment methods

Payments Button

Obtain a Land Charges reference number for your search from the Land Charges Clerk, who will also advise you if and how VAT will be applied to your searches.

Click the online payment button above.

If paying for LLC1 (non-VAT applicable) searches, click on the Land Charges LLC1payment payment type in the left hand column and proceed to enter the search reference number and payment details/ amount.

If paying for CON29 (VAT applicable) searches click on the Land Charges CON29payment type in the left hand column and proceed to enter the search reference number and payment details/amount. EIR payments are made in the same way as for CON29 payments.

Where your search comprises of both LLC1 and CON29 searches, enter the LLC1 detail as above first. Then click on the Add to List button, followed by the Land Charges CON29 payment type and proceed to add the CON29 details entering the Land charges reference number previously provided to you by the Land Charges Clerk. When both elements are successfully added, proceed through the payments screen.

This process allocates the appropriate VAT and non VAT elements, through a single payment. VAT receipts will be available at point of payment.​


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