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​​Housing Advice for Young People

If you are under 16 you are not legally allowed to leave home unless there are serious problems such as violence or abuse. If this is the case contact Social Services immediately.

If you are under 16 and having troubles at home you can seek help from Unite Mediation who can help you and your family to talk and find solutions to your problems together. You can contact Unite or find out more by ringing 01642 311633 or email

Did you know that:
  • Average cost for single person private rented accommodation is £75-85 per week
  • You will need to cover cost of food, water, gas, electricity, insurance, phone, laundry & Council Tax.
  • Full Housing Benefit entitlement for a single person under 25 is £50 per week.
Many young people would like to leave home and live independently. However, reasonably priced accommodation is very difficult to find so it is important that you plan any move carefully.

If you are 16 to 17 years old and have been asked to leave home we have a range of specialist services to help you to find solutions to your problems.

For help and advice please contact the Housing Advice & Information Service on 01287 612444Page separator

If you need to leave home but are not able to live independently
Within Redcar & Cleveland we have a number of supported housing schemes for young people, these include:
  • Coatham House
  • Nightstop
  • Endeavour Temporary Accommodation

Places are limited and waiting lists for the schemes are long but we can arrange for additional help and support for you and your family whilst you wait for a place in a supported scheme.

For more information please contact the Housing Advice & Information Service on 01287 612444

If you are over 18 and ready to live independently
Private renting will provide you with more options. In 2008 waiting times for a housing association flat in Redcar was 3.5 years. You will probably only wait a short while to get a private rented place.

Private housing is available very quickly, and you have a greater choice over areas and properties.

Lots of young people live in shared houses, and this can be a cheaper option if you are on a low income, or a student. If you are a single person aged under 25, and you need to claim housing benefit to help you to pay your rent, you will only be entitled to enough money for a room in a shared house.

Couples and families with children can claim for self-contained accommodation.

Nearly all landlords require a cash deposit. If you are unable to save a cash deposit Redcar & Cleveland have a Bond Guarantee Scheme which will guarantee up to 4 weeks rent (up to a maximum of £500). 

Housing Associations
The housing register is a list of people waiting to be offered a home with a Registered Provider (RP) often known as a Housing Association. The Council transferred the ownership of its properties to Coast & Country housing in 2002, therefore there are no Council homes in this area.

Approximately 3 out of every 4 empty Registered Provider homes go to someone on the Councils Housing Register. Unfortunately, this isn't a quick option but it is worthwhile putting your name on the list when you are 16 or over. Most RPs wont let you have a home until you are 18 or over.

If you would like to apply to go on the Housing Register, contact Coast & Country on 01642 771300​​


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