5. Consideration of Applications and Allocation of Places

The LA will act as a clearing house for the allocation of places by the relevant admission authorities in response to the application. The LA will only make a decision in respect of the offer or refusal of a place in response to any preference expressed on the application form, where:
  • it is acting in its separate capacity as an admission authority, or
  • an applicant is eligible for a place at more than one school, or
  • an applicant is not eligible for a place at any school for which they have expressed preference.
5.1: In considering applications for community and voluntary controlled schools, the LA as the admission authority, will consider the expressed preferences equally, regardless of their ranked order.

5.2: In the case of VA schools, the governing bodies will consider all preferences equally according to their own admission arrangements, as published in the booklet "Secondary Education - A Guide for Parents 2015/2016". The admission arrangements for Foundation Status schools and Academies for 2015/2016 are also published in the guide for parents.

5.3: In the case of preferences expressed for schools maintained by other LA's, preferences will be considered according to their own admission arrangements.

5.4: On 1 March 2015 an email will be sent to applicants who applied online informing them which school has been allocated and a letter will be posted on 2 March 2015 to all parents/guardians informing them of the outcome of their application. The letter will provide the following information:
  • the name of the school at which a place has been offered;
  • for VA schools and Foundation schools, indicate that the offer is made on behalf of the governing body of that school;
  • the reason why the child has not been offered a place at another school, ranked as a higher preference by the parent;
  • information about the statutory right of appeal against a decision not to offer a place at a school given as a higher preference.
5.5: Parents who wish to appeal for a place in a school maintained by another LA will be advised of the necessary process and provided with the relevant contact details for making their appeal.

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