Selective Licensing - South Bank (older housing area)

Following a Cabinet decision made on 23rd July 2013 Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council acting as local housing authority in exercise of its powers under Section 80 of the Housing Act 2004 has designated South Bank (older housing area) (the area) for selective licensing. (See Plan of the area below and full list of streets within the area)

The designation was made on 23rd July 2013 and comes into force on 28th October 2013.

The designation will have effect until 27th October 2018 unless revoked by the Council before then. (A copy of the designation notice can be found below)

Private landlords who own property in the area or any person that controls or manages property in the area will be required from 29th October 2013 to apply for a licence.

What is Selective Licensing?
The Housing Act 2004 gives Councils the power to introduce the licensing of private rented homes, within a designated area, where it is or is likely to become either:

  • an area of low housing demand and/or
  • an area which is experiencing a significant and persistent problem caused by anti-social behaviour
The aim of Selective Licensing is to improve the management of these properties to ensure they have a positive impact on the area.
Whilst we acknowledge that many landlords provide decent well-managed and maintained accommodation, which does not cause any problems for the local community, we also recognise that there are poor management practices within the private rented sector which are having a negative effect on the general amenity and economy of the area.
The Selective Licensing Designation approval for South Bank (older housing) document below details the reasons why the Council has designated South Bank (older housing area) for selective licensing.

Benefits of Selective Licensing
It is expected that introducing the scheme will have a number of benefits to the community, landlords, tenants and owners, both directly and indirectly.

Expected benefits include:

  • A reduction in anti-social behaviour
  • Improved management and condition of privately rented accommodation
  • Support for landlords in dealing with anti social tenants
  • Education for tenants in their responsibilities to behave in a tenant like manner
  • Education for tenants to ensure they only live in properties that meet a minimum standard
  • Promotion of the landlord charter scheme and the aspiration to let property to a higher standard and to act in a professional manner with well written tenancy agreements, inventories and protected deposits
  • Encouragement of landlords not to take tenants with a poor reference
  • Improvement of the image and desirability of the area
  • Encouragement in the market to increase rents and values of property in the area
  • Encouraging a change to the tenure mix of the area
  • An improved image and perception of the area
  • A positive economic future for the local community and local businesses
The local authority will be monitoring activity within the area during the lifetime to the scheme.

The way it works
All privately rented properties that are occupied in the area would be required to be licensed, conditions are attached to each licence (see below).

These conditions are monitored by the Council to ensure they were being complied with however support and guidance would be offered to licence holders where required to ensure compliance.
Where a breach of licence conditions is identified the licence holder may ultimately be prosecuted with a fine of up to £5,000 per breach.

Who needs a licence?
All private landlords with residential property within the proposed area would need to apply for a licence for each of their occupied properties. Each licence incurs a fee (see below).

Some tenancies don't need to be licensed for example those under a long lease, business tenancies, and those managed by registered providers.

Private landlords who own property in the area or any person that controls or manages property in the area will be required from 29th October 2013 to apply for a licence.

I am a tenant, how will this affect me?
Selective licensing would make sure your landlord is managing and maintaining your home, so that it is kept in good state of repair. They will also be expected to act in a responsible manner. This would include carrying out tenant vetting, issuing valid tenancy agreements and securing deposits in one of the governments nominated schemes. If you believe your landlord is not maintaining your property or is treating you unfairly, please contact the Housing Standards Team tel: 01287 612455, email:

My neighbours act anti-socially. Can selective licensing help?
You will probably see a reduction in anti-social behaviour. Landlords are expected to work with the local authority and police to deal with anti-social tenants in an appropriate way. This may include eviction, if tenants continue to act anti-socially and cause a nuisance in the area. If you have concerns related to anti social behaviour please contact Housing Standards Team.

How can I find out if my landlord has applied for a licence?
Once the council has received an application for a Licence, the information will be entered onto a public register which would be accessed via the council.

What will happen if my landlord does not apply for a licence?
It will be a criminal offence to operate without a licence. On conviction a landlord could be fined up to £20,000. In addition there is a provision under section 96 of the Housing Act 2004 for a Rent Repayment Order to be made to recover all rent paid to an unlicensed property.

Should you require any further information or guidance related to Selective Licensing please contact:-

Should you require any further information or guidance related to Selective Licensing please contact:- Housing Standards Team
Belmont House
Rectory Lane
TS14 7FD
Tel - 01287 612455.


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