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This section of the website includes links to a different sources of information about equality in Redcar and Cleveland. This information has been analysed and used to inform plans and strategies that set out what we will do to reduce inequality in the Borough. These plans are also linked from this webpage.

By law, the Council is required to publish equality information that demonstrates we are complying with the Equality Duty. We recognise that there are gaps in the information that we hold, and over the coming months we will be working to improve the way we gather and analyse our equality information. Any updated information will be published here as soon as it is available.

Click on the below links to view equality information about . . .

The Council and our Workforce
The Council has developed a plan for how effective people management we will enable the Council to deliver its agreed Outcomes. The Plan, which is entitled Our People has been informed by analysis of our Workforce Data and sets out what we need to achieve, and how we intend to achieve it. Many of the actions will help us to further promote equality and diversity in the workforce.

Download workforce profile document:

Our Borough and Our Neighbourhoods
We have produced Area and Borough Profiles that include a wide range of information that helps to tell the story about equality in the borough, including age profile; ethnicity; deprivation; information about children and young people; health, disability and caring etc. The Profiles are very useful sources of information that help to inform our decision-making and policy development. In particular they are being used to inform our new Neighbourhood Plans which will be available in April 2012.

Click here to view the Profiles.

Council Services

Our Plan sets out the outcomes that the Council is working towards and the actions that will help us deliver them. Many of these activities have been developed to help us reduce inequality. These are our "equality objectives."

Our Plan also includes the performance measures that we are using to help us improve services. These include a number of measures that help us to understand how our services are affecting people who are protected by the Equality Act 2010.

You can view Our Plan 2013-2018 by clicking below. We have also produced a summary of the equality related performance measures that can be downloaded below.

Link to Our Plan

Click here to view our Equality Performance Data

 icon Equality Performance Measures.pdf (25.67k)
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Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is being developed by the Council, the voluntary and community sector, service users and NHS partners. It brings together a vast array of research and intelligence about health and wellbeing in the Borough and will be used by partners to agree our priorities on health and wellbeing through the development of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The JSNA across the Tees area will be a dynamic, web-based resource that can be used by people who use, provide and commission services. The full JSNA will be available in June 2011, with elements being populated on the website from January next year. The Tees JSNA website is:

Link to Tees JSNA

Children and Young People
The Council is currently working with the Redcar and Cleveland Partnership to prepare a Child Poverty Needs Assessment which will inform a new Child Poverty Strategy. These will soon be available on our website.

The Tees Valley Strategic Housing Needs Assessment brings together a wide range of information about the housing market and local housing need in the Tees Valley. It has been used to inform the development of our latest Housing Strategy

Link to the Housing Strategy

We also have a homelessness strategy, and a Gypsy and Traveller Strategy

Link to the Gypsy & Traveller webpage
Link to Homelessness Strategy

Our Carers Strategy 2009-2014 has been informed by a wealth of information and consultation about carers priorities. It sets out how we are going to work in Partnership to support Carers in the Borough.

Older People: Ageing Well
Our Ageing Well Strategy 2009-2014 sets out how we will work in Partnership to deliver better services and support for older people in the Borough. It includes a great deal of information that helps us better understand need and demand.

Link to Ageing Well Strategy

Domestic and Sexual Violence
Our Domestic Violence website includes a wealth of information for people who are affected by Domestic Violence. This includes statistics and our Domestic and Sexual Violence Strategies.

Link to Domestic Violence Microsite

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