Tagging Webpages

What is Tagging?
Tagging is a way of labelling something, such as a web page. By tagging web pages you group them together. This makes related pages easier to find, because if you look for a tag you get all items with the same tag bundled together.

What is a Tag?

A Tag is a keyword or term attached to a page to identify the topic of its content.

They can be created using a maximum of 3 words and are added to pages as well as standard categories to give users more control over the site search and allow them to find pages easier. Any tags added to a page will be included in the website search and will be displayed on the page.

Pages with identical tags are linked together to allow users to search for similar or related content.

Anyone can submit a tag, however is will be approved before it appears on a page.

How do I Tag a page?

Everyone can submit tags to this website in the following way:

  1. Open the page you want to tag
  2. Select Submit Tag from the right side of the page (A pop up box will appear)
  3. Enter your tag in the text box
  4. Press Submit Tag
  5. Your tag will be sent for approval. Once approved it will appear on the right side of the page

How do I find pages using tags?

You can find related pages by doing to following;

  1. Open any page in the website
  2. If it has been tagged these will be displayed on the right side. If it hasn't been tagged you can following the above instructions to submit a tag.
  3. Click on the tag you are interested in. This will open a tag listing all other pages which have that tag.

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