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Resizing text

In Internet Explorer:
  • In the 'View' menu on your browser, rollover the 'Text Size' option and click on 'Medium'. This is the optimal setting.
  • If you would like the text to be larger, then simply go to the 'View' menu, rollover the 'Text Size' option and click on 'Larger' or 'Largest'.
NOTE: If the text is not resized by following Step 1 then on the 'Tools' menu click on 'Internet Options', then click on the 'Accessibility' button. Tick the box next to 'Ignore font sizes specified on web pages'.

In Netscape Navigator 4.7:
  • On the 'View' menu click on 'Increase Font'. Do this twice or more if the text size is not affected the first time.
  • Alternatively use the keyboard shortcuts - to increase text size press 'Ctrl' + '[' (square bracket), and to reduce the size press 'Ctrl' + ']' together.
In Netscape Navigator 6:
  • On the 'View' menu rollover 'Text Size'.
  • Choose from one of the options on the slide out menu: smaller / larger, 50% to 200%, or 'other' to enter another percentage.