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Pupil views of the curriculum

In June 2014, I asked a group of Year 6 pupils to tell you what they thought the curriculum was like at Normanby; in their own words, this is what they said!
My thanks to Rebecca and her friends for writing all of this, I hope you enjoy reading their views. They have certainly been honest!

Carl Faulkner
Head teacher

About our school curriculum; Year 6 2014
'At Normanby Primary School we think every teacher tries to be the best and to give the pupils the best education in every year!

Science we do little practical experiments and investigations in nearly all our lessons. Here a few comments from the Y6 pupils in my class.
"I really enjoy science! I especially love doing practical experiments and learning about the human body!" Jak.

"In science i enjoy the practical experiments, especially when we burned food to see if you could turn it back or not!" Rebecca.

Physical Education
P.E is everyone's chance to get their exercise at school. We find out about clubs out of school as well. We all have 2 P.E lessons a week and each child should have their P.E kits in school at all times. Some classes get to go swimming

"Whenever we do P.E I always love to work as a team! I also played in the cricket team! In P.E i like to learn new skills." Ross.

"My favourite sport is swimming and I swim for Middlesbrough! I also like rounder's and running, but I also like working in teams. I would rate P.E 10/10!" Ella.

Art and Design
In every year group we make art to do with our topic. We look at different styles of art.

"I love everything about art! It's a great lesson!" Reece.

" When we do art I always try and draw different designs. I love it! I would rate it 10/10!" Hollie.

In geography we are taught how to read maps and what map symbols are.

"I really enjoy geography, especially when we learn about different types of maps!" Sean.

Information Technology
In ICT we learn how to communicate our ideas and thoughts and designs. The children all know how to make PowerPoint's and use different programmes like 2simple where you make storyboards and pictures.

"I really enjoy using the PDA's. I really like exploring on different devices. Also i enjoy creating PowerPoint's!" Eleanor.

"I enjoy a lot about ICT. I really enjoy troubleshooting problems on computers. I rate ICT 9/10!" Tom.

We all learn about the past and it lets us see how people lived in the olden days.

" I really enjoy learning about the past. Especially when we learnt about the Victorian times and the Eston Ironstone mines!" Rebecca.

Design and Technology
In DT we are set a little challenge like how to make a shelter, wooden car and even more!

"DT is cool because you get to make things just like a builder!" Ella.

"I like working as an individual to achieve my own goal in making amazing projects!" Grace.

In English the teachers teach the pupils how to improve on their sentences and write stories.

"I like having the freedom to write amazing stories!" Grace.

" I like to make my mind go wild writing stories!" Rosie.

Reading helps the pupils make adventurous stories and helps their writing!

"I like books that are a little scary because they have a bit of excitement in them. When you start reading these books you can't stop!" Rosie.

"I like spy books because they have big adventure dialog. I can't put the books down!" Kirsty.

Religious Education
The staff all teach RE to children so they know about the different cultures.

"I like RE because it makes you think religions and how other people live their life!" Emily.

"I like RE because it's interesting. Earlier this year we learnt about Anne Frank. I enjoyed that!" Libby.

Some of the classes have lessons for all the class when they learn an instrument. In school we have different clubs to do with music like Glee Club and Recorder Club.

"I like it when you learn how to play something on a piano and you show everyone and everyone is really impressed. If it is something that people know very well they can sing along while you play. It's really fun!" Rosie.

"I enjoy creating sound. It's fun to do and sometimes it makes a lovely noise!" Calum.

In maths we are taught each of the 4 different symbols, += addition, -= take away, x= times and /= divide.

"I really enjoy maths because of doing different challenges. I especially like doing x tables because I know them of the top of my head!" Eleanor.

"Mrs Brallisford and Mr Wood are good maths teachers. I feel that in Y6 I have understood maths better." Laura.

Extra-Curricular Activities
At Normanby Primary School have a lot of different activities at lunch or after school. We have lots to choose from like the school football team, Glee club, Arts and Crafts and many, many more!

"I love them especially the football team!" Bradley.

Homework is quite important. We are given homework every week in KS2.
Sometimes we get more to people if their parents ask for it.

"In Y6 we think once a week is enough with our SAT's on the way!" Hollie.

Our school lunches are really nice but we get a choice, they can have school lunches or packed lunches. School lunches cost £1.95 a day. If a child is on school lunches and wants to go on packed lunches, their parents tell the office and they go on in 2 weeks' time.

" I think the lunches should have a different choice every week instead of the same every three weeks, but they are nice." Georgia.

Rules in school
The rules in school are pretty easy to follow. Never punch, or kick, always put your hand up, never run down the corridors and many more.

"The rules are good and they should be obeyed!" Calum.