Safeguarding Adults in Teesside from Harm and Abuse

Safeguarding AdultsSafeguarding is everyone's business. If you are concerned about a vulnerable adult who is being harmed or an adult who cannot protect themselves from harm, the following information may help you to decide if you need to contact us.

Which adults are vulnerable?

Adults may be vulnerable because they are frail or have ill health, a learning or physical disability. They may be unable to take care of themselves against significant harm or exploitation.

What is harm or abuse?

Adult abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere, and safeguarding should be of a concern to the whole community. Abuse can be something that is done to a person, or it can be something that is omitted from being done.

Abuse can take many forms including:

  • physical abuse - hitting, slapping or punching
  • emotional abuse - shouting, swearing, threatening or denying rights
  • sexual abuse - where the vulnerable adult is not able to or has not given consent
  • financial abuse - misuse of someone's money or property
  • neglect - not providing necessary food, clothing, shelter or care
  • discriminatory abuse - focusing on a person's culture, race, religion, age, sexuality or disability

Where does harm or abuse happen?

Abuse can happen anywhere but the most common places are at home, in hospital, in residential and nursing homes, at day care or social centres or in the community

Who might be an abuser?

The person who is responsible for the abuse can be a stranger, but in many cases, is well known to the person. They could be a relative, family member, paid care worker, volunteer, professional, neighbour, friend, associate or a person accessing the same service as the vulnerable adult.

What is adult safeguarding?
  • prevention, empowerment and protection of adults
  • the retention of independence, well being and choice
  • the right to access a life free from abuse and neglect
What should I do?
We all have a part to play in safeguarding, so if you have any concerns about the well-being of another person of if you need support, contact us or one of the following:- You do not have to give your name when you contact us and all concerns and allegations are taken seriously.

What happens next?
Adult protection procedures have been set up to safeguard vulnerable adults against abuse. Any concern or allegation will be taken seriously.

Our aim is to:
  • listen to you
  • offer support
  • help people to stay safe

If you would like a copy of our Safeguarding Factsheet, please open the document attached below.

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