Sensory Support - Services for People who are Hearing Impaired or Deaf

This page provides information for deaf or hearing impaired people considering accessing our services for their families or carers.

Social Work Surgeries
A social Work Surgery is held at Middlesbrough Deaf Centre. This can be used by anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing who wishes to see a Social Worker. The surgeries are also a good opportunity to meet other deaf or hard of hearing people socially.

Surgeries for People who are Deaf
Pensioners Group
Middlesbrough, Deaf Centre, Derwent Road, North Ormesby, TS3 6JB
Thursday 3.00pm 4.00pm

Deaf Peoples Drop-in Group
Middlesbrough Deaf Centre, Derwent Road, North Ormesby, TS3 6JB
Tuesdays 10.00 am 12.00 noon

Surgeries for People who are Hard of Hearing
Middlesbrough Hard of Hearing Club
4th Friday of every month only 12.30 pm 1.00 pm

Surgery for Asian Ladies
Middlesbrough Deaf Centre
Monday 10.30 am 12.30 pm
Surgery available for Ladies and children who are deaf or hard of hearing

Bus Passes
People who are profoundly deaf, severely deaf or without speech can apply for concessionary bus passes. Your bus pass can be used to travel in the Boroughs of Redcar & Cleveland, Stockton and Middlesbrough. You are not allowed to use Dial-a-Ride if you join the Concessionary Bus Pass Scheme. If you live in Redcar & Cleveland please go to your nearest library. The staff at the library will give you an application form and they will help you apply. If you have any questions ask the staff at the library to explain and take with you:
  • Proof of address [recent utility bill / recent bank statement / recent prescription]
  • Proof of deafness [your registration card from social services] or a form will need to be completed by your doctor

We meet at 10am on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month in the lounge at Helmsley House, Stakesby Close, off Helmsley Drive on the Wilton Lane Estate, Guisborough. We pay £1.00 at each meeting to cover the cost of coffee / tea and biscuits and the cost of speakers. Please come along to see us, you will be made very welcome. For Further information contact Eileen Bunn Tel: 01642 724955

About British Sign Language Interpreters
If you need to use a British Sign Language interpreter Social Services can provide one based on circumstances or show you how to book one yourself.

Who needs a sign language interpreter?
Both parties hearing and deaf people have equal need for an interpreter as those who are not

What is the difference between an interpreter and a social worker?
An interpreter will translate the information and is bound by their code of ethics not to give an opinion or advice. A social worker will intervene if necessary, give choices and actively assist if there is a need to follow up information as part of a care plan.

Who pays for the interpreter?
It depends on why you want the interpreter and where you want interpreting services. Deaf people who need communication support usually do not have to pay, but it is advisable to check this before booking. The disability discrimination act 1995 may require a service provider [e.g. Hospital, GP] to provide an interpreter.

When should an interpreter be arranged?
With all interpretation services please give as much notice as possible.

Further Information
Please contact the Sensory Support Team for further advice or fact sheets from the Royal National Institution for the deaf [RNID], our staff will be happy to give assistance to people requiring an interpreter.

Deaf Centres/Social Activities
Deaf Centre, Derwent Road, North Ormesby, Middlesbrough TS3 6JB
Telephone: 01642 819782 [voice/text/fax]
01642 820059 [voice/text]

Activities include:
  • Deaf Pensioners Club
  • Hard of Hearing Club
  • Drop-in Club
  • Lip reading classes
  • British Sign Language classes
  • Asian Ladies Group
  • Social Work Surgeries
  • Youth club
  • Child Project
Classes are funded by further education

Sign Language and Lip Reading Classes
Sign Language and Lip-reading classes are provided by your Local Council Adult Education Services. Refer to the adult education prospectuses available in local libraries before the start of each academic year. Fee concessions or free courses may be available for deaf people and members of their families. For further information contact:

Cotswold Drive
Redcar TS10 4AB
Tel: 01642 490409
Fax: 01642 492388
Redcar TS10 1HA

Hearing Aid Repairs and Battery Supply Services
Repairs and Battery Supply Services List Available for Download

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Sensory Support - Services for People who are Sight Impaired or Severely Sight Impaired
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Contacting the Sensory Support Team
Contacting the Sensory Support Team