Enquiring about support - what to expect

We are here to help and to answer any questions you have

In order to receive services from us you must meet our eligibility criteria.

Initial Enquiry

When you enquire about receiving our support, we will initially discuss with you what options are available and agree the best course of action in your particular situation. This may include:-
  • providing information
  • giving you advice
  • arranging for an assessment of your needs

We recognise that many people only want information and advice from us, preferring to make arrangements for their own care. In these circumstances you can always come back to us at a later stage if you feel you need further help or wish to have an assessment of need.


Where appropriate to your enquiry, we will send you a referral form to complete and return to us. The form is designed to help you to tell us about the difficulties you are experiencing in your everyday life. You may choose to complete the Referral Form yourself or you may find it helpful to ask another person to support you.

If there is immediate danger to your life or health, we will prioritise your enquiry and will complete the Referral Form when you first make contact with us.

The information you provide will help us to identify your current level of need and aspects of daily living where you may be having difficulties. The information you provide will be screened to decide who is best to deal with your enquiry and if your needs can be met without completing an assessment. We may need to contact you again, usually by telephone, if further information is required to make a decision.

All referrals are treated as confidential. What we can offer depends on your needs and eligibility to receive services.


Everyone is entitled to have an assessment of their needs, even if they do not meet our criteria to receive services. Assessments are free of charge.

An assessment is an opportunity to talk through your circumstances and needs with a member of our team. An assessment usually takes place in your own home. Your appointment will be at a convenient date, time and place for you. You will be given an indication of how long you will have to wait for an appointment as depending on demand, there may be a wait for a visit.

If there is immediate danger to your life or health, we will prioritise your assessment. If during the time leading up to your appointment, your circumstances change, please contact us to tell us.

To make the best use of resources available, our policy is to give priority to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable people. We carefully consider urgency, risk to independence, and support from and for carers.

During your assessment we will together:-
  • Identify your needs and aspects of living where you may be having difficulties.
  • Identify and record the support you need.
  • Make a decision about whether you are eligible for funding to contribute towards the overall cost of the support you need.
  • If you are eligible for support, decide how much The Council will contribute towards your Personal Budget

Where relevant, we may check your property and equipment, to ensure that any person who works in your home can do so in a safe environment. You may be asked to make unsafe situations safe. As part of your Assessment you will be provided with information about the services we provide as well as what services are available from other organisations in your area.

Following an assessment there will be a clearer understanding of your personal circumstances and what your needs are. Our eligibility criteria mean not everyone can receive support from us. People who are not eligible for support at this stage, can be advised about other services that may be able to help.

Discharge from Hospital

For most patients, being discharged from hospital to their home is straightforward. Most are unlikely to need the support of Adult Services. Some will however have ongoing health and social care needs which require a detailed Assessment.

Staff from Health and Social Care work together to complete the Assessment and to plan support that ensures a person is able to manage safely after they are discharged from hospital.

Carers Assessment

Carers have needs too, but they are usually different from the needs of the person they are caring for.

Carers who provide "a substantial amount of care on a regular basis for someone aged 18 and over" (Carers & Disabled Children Act 2000) are entitled to a Carers Needs Assessment. The assessment is an opportunity to talk through with a member of our team, how being a carer affects them and where they might benefit from some support. When assessing your needs we take into account the overall impact of your caring role on you as an individual.

There is no charge for a Carers Assessment.

If you would prefer a printed copy of this information, please select Accessing Support to obtain a copy of our Factsheet.

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