The Antisocial Behaviour Officers

The Antisocial Behaviour Officers deal with complaints against owner occupiers and people who live in privately rented accommodation or where the culprit's identity is not known.

Calls for help can come from a variety of sources residents, visitors, councillors, MPs, community protection officers, police or any other agency across the Borough.

The Antisocial Behaviour Officers have three ways of helping to investigate your complaint:

1. If you make a complaint you will be offered a home visit to discuss your problems face-to-face with an Antisocial Behaviour Officer.
2. If you feel a home visit is not appropriate, we will arrange a face-to-face meeting in a Council owned building.
3. If neither of these options are appropriate you can discuss your problems over the telephone.

The Antisocial Behaviour Officer will work with you to agree an action plan to tackle the problems you are experiencing.

The Antisocial Behaviour Officer understands that people may be fearful of making a complaint so we provide help and support for all victims and witnesses. This support includes:
  • A dedicated Antisocial Behaviour Officer who takes the lead responsibility for the complaint and co-ordinates any multi-agency action that is required.
  • The support of the Community Protection Officers and the Police (where appropriate) to help address the problems.
  • Liaison with Coast & Country Housing or relevant Registered Social Landlord (where applicable).
  • Victim Focus Groups a meeting of all residents who are providing evidence. This allows witnesses to appreciate that they are not alone in their complaints and it creates a support network.

To contact an Antisocial Behaviour Officer, call the Councils Call Centre (01642) 774 774 and ask to be put through to the Antisocial Behaviour Officer in your area.

Alternatively you can contact the Antisocial Behaviour Officer using the online reporting form. or directly you can contact an Antisocial Behaviour Officer in your area

Lisa Manders operates within the Coastal area Tel: (01642) 774 774

Amy Bowe operates within the Guisborough and East Cleveland area Tel: (01642) 774 774

Sue Watson operates within the Greater Eston area Tel: (01642) 774 774

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