Access Keys

To assist users who have difficulty using the mouse, or who only have a keyboard, we have provided keyboard shortcuts called access keys. You can use these to navigate to the main sections of this website. Where possible we have used the UK government recommended access keys.

To use access keys simply press the 'Alt' key and the access key (see menu below) together and then press the enter/return key.

Access Key Menu

1 - Home page
2 - What's new
3 - Site map
4 - Search page
5 - FAQ's
6 - Help page
7 - Complaints
8 - Terms and conditions
9 - Contacts page
0 - Access key menu

C - The Council
B - Business
R - Resident
N - News
J - Jobs
V - Visit
Z - A to Z index

K - pressing K and 'Alt', then the enter/return key will take you directly to the main text content of the current page allowing you to quickly skip past the main navigational links.

Tips for keyboard users

Following links:
Internet Explorer users can press the tab key until the link you want to follow is highlighted, then press the enter key. To tab through the links in the other direction hold down the 'Ctrl' key whilst pressing the tab key. To open links in a new window hold down the 'Shift' key when pressing the enter key.

Moving back and forward between pages:
Press the 'Alt' key and either the forward or back arrow keys.

Scrolling up and down pages:
Press the 'Page Up' or 'Page Down' keys to jump to the top or bottom of a page.
Press the up and down keys to move a small amount at a time.
Internet Explorer users can also press the space bar to go down or Shift and the space bar to go back up.

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