Fair Access to Care Services

We use an eligibility criteria when assessing your needs for social care services.

Are you eligible to receive a service from Adult Services?

When you are assessed by Adult Social Care, we use a set of eligibility criteria to define who is able to receive social care services. These criteria are set out in national guidelines from the Department of Health called Fair Access to Care Services (FACS).

What are eligibility criteria?

We only have a limited amount of money and we must spend this on providing or arranging services for people with the greatest needs. Eligibility criteria are used to decide if a person has sufficient needs to receive those services.

What is Fair Access to Care Services (FACS)?

The Governments Fair Access to Care Services guidance sets out the criteria which all local authorities must follow when assessing adults and older peoples eligibility to access our services. The only exception to this is Blue Badges.

This helps us to ensure that those in greatest need and at the highest risk, receive services, and that everyone who requests a service is dealt with fairly.

Eligibility criteria are used to establish the level of risk to independence in the following four areas:-

  • Autonomy (freedom to determine ones own actions and behaviour) and freedom to make choices.
  • Health and safety, including freedom from harm, abuse or neglect.
  • Ability to manage personal and other daily routines
  • Involvement in family and wider community life.

When assessing if a person is eligible for services, we will consider the risk to that persons independence if help were not provided. We will look at this risk both in the short term and long term. In this way we will take a long term preventative approach to the persons needs and circumstances.

We will also take into account:
  • Help you have from carers and other agencies
  • Any assistive equipment which you may have to support your independence
  • Risks faced by others such as your family carers
  • Which risks are acceptable to you which are a natural part of everyday living.

We will look at the aspects central to a persons independence and assess for each of the 4 aspects listed previously, whether the risk to independence is:-
  • Critical
  • Substantial
  • Moderate
  • Low

Who will receive our services?

Local Council Members have to decide every year which risk bands Adult Services will include in its eligibility criteria based on the amount of money the Council has to spend. In Redcar and Cleveland, Council Members have decided services will be provided to people who are assessed as being in the CRITICAL and SUBSTANTIAL risk bands for any of the four aspects of life.

Those needs which are assessed as falling within the moderate or low bands will not qualify for services from The Council. If you are not eligible for social care services following assessment, you will be offered advice and information about other sources of support. If you wish we will refer you to other agencies and sources of support. If your circumstances change you can ask us to re-assess your needs.

If you are eligible for help, we will work with you to identify the most appropriate services to meet your needs. These will form your support plan which will be written down and gives details of the services to be arranged, how these will be provided and when, any charges you have been assessed to pay and a date when the care plan will be reviewed.

Is eligibility connected with how much money I have?

No. Your finances do not affect eligibility for services. If you are eligible for services a financial assessment will be carried out of your ability to pay any charges for the services you need. The assessment will be done under our policy on Fairer Charging for Home Care and other non-residential services. You will be informed of any charge to be made for the services you receive.

What should I do if I disagree with the decision about eligibility?

We are committed to listening to, and where possible, acting on the views and comments from those who use the services we both provide and arrange. We aim to explain things clearly and to make a decision as quickly as possible. If you do have any concerns or are unhappy about the decision that has been made, please speak to a member of staff or your social worker/care manager. If things do go wrong the problem can often be resolved quickly and informally. However, if you are still unhappy or you feel your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction there is a formal complaints procedure. See Comments, Compliments, Comments and Concerns to find out more.

I want to apply for or renew a disabled persons parking badge. Do I have to be assessed for eligibility under Fair Access to Care Services?

No. The provision of disabled parking badges is covered by the Regulation under the Road Traffic Act 2000. These prescribe eligible categories and descriptions of disabled people who may receive the badges. Fair Access to Care Services does not apply

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