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Welcome to Hummersea Primary School

Hummersea Primary School is a county school maintained by Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council. It has a 16 place 2 year old setting, a 52 place Nursery Class for 3 and 4 year olds and takes children from 5-11 years in the main school. Most pupils transfer to Freebrough Community College at the age of 11.

The school catchment area covers the whole of Hummersea Hills and the rest of Loftus north of the High Street. Most children live within walking distance of the school.

The school was opened in 1979 and is of a semi-open plan construction with a pre-fab unit used as a library. It has two playgrounds, a football field and grassed area round the building.

School building pic 1
School building pic 2

School Aims

The school aims, as laid out below, can only be achieved if there is an atmosphere of care, respect and trust. The ethos of the school as a large family, where each member is educated, valued, supported and cared for is its solid foundation.


  • All children are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum in line with the publication of the National Curriculum
  • Children will be offered a wide range of learning experiences including visits, visitors and use of the local environment.
  • Each child will be allowed to develop their own individual self esteem, self discipline and character.

Parents and Community
  • The school is part of the community in which it is situated.
  • Partnership between home and school is to be encouraged.
  • Parents are encouraged to help in the day to day organisation of the school.
  • Links with the Loftus community are encouraged.
  • Parents will be kept fully informed by formal and informal consultation as to the progress of their children throughout their school career.

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