​​Training & Employment

Our Children's Centres offer a variety of training courses and employment advice to
enable you to gain new skills and confidence, improve your job prospects and gain
nationally recognised qualifications. If you would like to put your name down on
our waiting lists for courses coming up please ring your local Children's Centre.

Some of the courses we have running at our Children's Centres across the borough
Autism Awareness, Business Administration Level 1 & 2, Counselling Level 3,
Functional Skills in English, Functional Skills in Maths, Health & Social Care Level 1
& 2, Specialist Support in Teaching & Learning Level 2, Working with Children
Level 1 & 2.

** See your local areas Activity Planner for information or ask a member of staff
for further details **

East Cleveland Area (covering - Loftus, Carlin How, Brotton, Skelton, Saltburn, Guisborough, Lingdale and Lockwood)
Greater Eston Area (covering - Grangetown, South Bank, Ormesby, Normanby and Eston)
Redcar Area (covering - Dormanstown, Marske and Redcar)