​Early Years Portage & Inclusion

Redcar and Cleveland Early Years SEND Team work in partnership with parents and carers to support the development of children from 0 to 3 years who have additional needs.

What is Portage?
Portage is a home visiting educational service for children with additional needs from birth to 3yrs. The aim of Portage is to support the development of play, communication, relationships and full participation in day to day life within the family and beyond the wider community. Portage support is based on the principle that parents/carers are the key figures in the care and development of their child. Portage aims to help parents/carers to be confident in this role whatever the child's needs.

Who is Portage for?

The Portage Service is available to families who:-

      • Live w​​ithin the borough of Redcar and Cleveland
      • Have a pre-​school child who has significant delay in more than one area of development.
      • OR a diagnosis which may p​​redict such difficulties.


What is Inclusion?
The Early years SEND Team supports children from 3-5 years old who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. The team works closely with parents; professionals within Health, Social Care and Education; and practitioners within schools and the private and voluntary childcare sector such as day nurseries and childminders.

Who is Inclusion for?
The Early years SEND Team work with children within their early education place from 3 to 5 years of age, who are falling significantly behind in their development and learning. The team help pre-school aged children with special educational needs and disabilities by providing:

  • Support for the early identification of children with Special Educational Needs
  • Advice and support with curriculum activities, equipment and physical access to play to support the childs inclusion
  • Support for the smooth transition into school once they have left the early years setting
Who can refer to Early Years SEND Team?
For all referrals, please complete an Early Help Assessment (EHA) of the child's needs and an Early Help Service Request Form and email both to: firstcontact@redcar-cleveland.gcsx.gov.uk 
Forms can be provided on request by emailing: tracy.waldegrave@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk