​Training FAQ's

Who can receive funding support for Training?

Former SSI workers and directly affected SSI supply chain workers can qualify to have employment related training funded.

What type of Training can be funded?

All training requests will be considered. The aim of the training funding is to support people back into work.
Courses ranging from short one-day training, such as Health and Safety certificates, through to specialist industry and professional training have been funded.

How can I find out what training I need for different jobs?

Your JCP Work Coach or National Careers Service Adviser will work with you to find the course most suitable for you and your employment and career aspirations. You will need to bring redundancy confirmation to all appointments.

How can I apply for Training funding and courses?

If you are receiving support from Jobcentre Plus, you should contact your work coach who will help you to identify the most suitable courses to help you back into work.

Who do I contact to apply for training funding if I have not been claiming benefits?

You should contact the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900

Will I have to travel to do my training?

The majority of courses are run in the local area and North East. Some specialist courses are only available outside the area if you are willing to travel. In those circumstances your accommodation and travel expenses can be paid and would be agreed with you when your training is approved.

What do I do if I have booked a place on a course and now cant attend?

Please inform your Work Coach as soon as possible, or the college or training provider you are due to attend.

Ive completed by training, but I need specialist tools to be able to start a new job? Is any funding available to help with the costs?

In some circumstances the cost of essential tools and equipment can be met by the funds.