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What's on - Greater Eston

McDonalds' quarterly litterpicks McDonalds in Eston have arranged quarterly litterpicks in the Eston area. Each litterpick starts at 10.30am and volunteers should meet at McDonalds, Trunk Road, Eston. 27th October 2016 22nd December 2016 13th April 2017 3rd August 2017 

FROG Future Regeneration of Grangetown 
What we do: Our main purpose is to enhance the day-to-day lives of local people by: promoting social inclusion, cultivating social enterprise, creating employment opportunities, facilitating and expanding local learning and training opportunities and designing, developing and delivering a wide range of neighbourhood-based social, economic and environmental initiatives. FROG organisation aims to actively encourage and support widespread community participation, increase the number of active volunteers and; reinvigorate community pride through which a sustainable, stronger local community can be achieved.  
Contact: Peter Dunlop Company Secretary
Telephone: 01642 467598

Eston Residents Association What we do: Floral displays in and around Eston.
 Councillor Ann Higgins
Telephone: (01642) 452329

Friends of Ormesby Library
What we do: Maintains the rear library garden, carrying out weeding, planting, painting, and providing the flower stock. Although their work is generally contained to the rear garden they do assist with the maintenance of the front formal garden. The garden was established back in 2008 and the group formed shortly after.

Contact: Ian Hart,
Telephone: 01642 313510

Normanby Community Forum
What we do
 - Maintaining flower tubs around Normanby Tops area, maintaining wild life garden, plus other environmental projects.

Contact: Val Maynard
Telephone: 01642 464098/ 07733 480355

Events Ruler

Your Neighbourhood Officers are

Jan Rudsdale (Eston & Teesville)
on 01642 831 000 ext. 5679/0778 9921 915
or email

Jan Topham (Grangetown & South Bank)
on 01642 831 000 ext. 5665/0774 8760 916
or email

Roy Morris (Normanby & Ormesby)
on 01642 831 000 ext. 5682 /0779 5305 884
or email

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