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Normanby Community Forum


What is a typical week in Normanby Community Forum?

Members of the group come down to help out for 2 to 3 hours a week. We attend to both the wildlife garden and the gardens on the corner which are used by people on a lunch time. It has a seating area and is a nice place to sit.

Is it important to you that Redcar & Cleveland remains clean and tidy?

Our under lining aim is to keep the borough tidy and to appreciate our surroundings.

What do you think people could do to improve Redcar & Cleveland's environment?

I think that people should be aware that the council are not in a position to do everything, and it would be nice for people to pick up a bit of litter that's on their doorstep. It might be a crisp wrapper or a chocolate wrapper, both can be brightly coloured and you only need one or two in the street to make it look untidy.

As part of the Love it campaign people have been asked to do one small thing to make a big difference, what would your pledge be and why?

My pledge would be to keep picking up the littler that's on my doorstep and close by, if this was done daily we can keep on top of it. The groups pledge would be to keep working alongside our partners to keep the gardens of Normanby looking good and to try and always involve the public.

We all want to build pride in our local community, what makes you proud about living in Redcar & Cleveland?

I was born in the area and have been in Nornamby since I got married in 1971 and my family are all from this area and I feel it's a sort of an allegiance as well as all the other people in the group, we all feel the same. We feel we have a big commitment to the area.


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