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Loftus Accord Walking Group

What is a typical week for the Loftus Accord Walking Group?

At the core of our groups activities are our weekly Health Walks which take place every Friday at 1315 hrs. We meet at the Town Hall, in Loftus, and from there participants have the choice of taking part in a guided 90 min Health Walk around the Loftus area or to opt for a 30 40 min Health Recovery Walk, which is designed for those recovering from illness or those that are simply looking for a shorter less demanding walk to improve their fitness and mental wellbeing. All of our walks are professionally led, free of charge and all participants may attend walks as and when it suits their own schedule.

During warmer months, the group organises and publicises "Heritage Walks" which not only provide the health benefits of walking but also educate participants about the local heritage of our area and hopefully instil local pride. This year we have organised ten such events ranging from April through to October, details of which are freely available on our website and Facebook page.

Besides these activities, the committee is continually busy with such tasks as clearing and maintaining local walking routes, updating Twitter, Facebook and Website information, designing, drafting and submitting to print "guide leaflets" for local walks, promoting the area as a destination for tourists, fundraising for the group running costs and developing new ideas for increasing participation and taking the group forward .

Is it important to you that Redcar & Cleveland remains clean and tidy?

Yes. Clearly we have some exceptionally beautiful and diverse landscape within our area, which may be enjoyed by local people and tourists alike. We understand however that not everyone respects and appreciates this landscape in the way that they should and so we sometimes find ourselves cleaning up after these people and maintaining the paths and styles. In ensuring the cleanliness of our local walking areas, we hope to make them attractive to all that wish to enjoy them.

What do you think people could do to improve Redcar & Cleveland's environment?

The best we thing we can do is to improve peoples attitude to their environment through education and making them more aware of their own actions. This is not something that can be achieved overnight but we should be aiming toward a time where littering and abuse of our landscape is not socially acceptable in the same ways as Drink Driving or smoking in public places have become socially unacceptable (as well as illegal) over the past few years.

As part of the Love it campaign people have been asked to do one small thing to make a big difference, what would your pledge be and why?

Loftus ACCORD Walking Group's long term pledge is to provide the weekly choice of Health Walks, every Friday, as described above. We believe that this provides enduring help and encouragement to improve the general health of the community. In addition, to mark the Love It launch, we will be carrying out a Litter Pick on 2 Jul 16, in conjunction with the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, on Skinningrove Beach. This is aimed to better present the section of the Cleveland Way, which passes through our area and attracts many tourists and walkers each year. In doing so we hope to enhance the reputation of the area amongst tourists and day visitors. Full details of this event will be published on our Facebook page.

We all want to build pride in our local community, what makes you proud about living in Redcar & Cleveland?

Our group takes particular pride in two unique aspects of our area. Firstly the beauty and diversity of our landscape; whether it be ancient woodlands, golden beaches, cliff top views, steep wooded valleys, moorland or open farmland, all are easily accessible upon our doorstep within a remarkably small area. Secondly, we take pride in our heritage. As well as the natural beauty of our landscape, we take great pride in the heritage of our post industrial landscape and looking still further back to Neolithic, Roman and Saxon settlements in the area, which include the burial site of the "Saxon Princess". Our group aims to promote a community pride in all of these aspects of the local heritage.


Loftus ACCORD Walking Group:
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