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Friends of Redcar Cemetery


What is a typical week in Redcar Cemetery?

If it's the first week of the month, we'd have a Remembrance walk for WW1, then every Tuesday morning the group would be out doing various activities including
maintenance work; either sanding a seat down or updating a notice board. We could also be getting items ready for a sale for the tombola, or I could be contacting the people who bake for us for a coffee morning. Some of the ladies would be going to our craft group for things to be made and sold for fundraising, we have a computer group within the gardening group, so members can be taught computer skills so we can all communicate with each other, or we can be doing other things such as cleaning a headstone, talking to bereaved people. So we are an active group through the week.

Is it important to you that Redcar & Cleveland remains clean and tidy?

It's really important because you need to have pride in the area and be proud of where you live and it's up to everybody to do their bit.

What do you think people could do to improve Redcar & Cleveland's environment?

There's lots of things people can do if they don't want to have a full commitment in joining our group, they could do a litter pick and help in that way.
Or if they own a dog, to always pick up and dispose appropriately.

As part of the Love it campaign people have been asked to do one small thing to make a big difference, what would your pledge be and why?

My pledge would be to keep on going with the Friends of Redcar Cemetery because after 10 years it is tricky to keep the momentum up, so my pledge is to do this for another 10 years.

We all want to build pride in our local community, what makes you proud about living in Redcar & Cleveland?

What makes me proud is the people, they are the salt of the earth. If we want anything in the group we put a message out of what we want and we get it.
I couldn't do this without the majority of people in Redcar being behind us.


Friends of Redcar Cemetery
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