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This is where you can share your ideas and views about different things and also join the Looked After Children's Council. Even if you can't attend the meetings we still want to hear from you, please tell us what you think. 

It is really important that every looked after child, young person and care leaver has the chance to be involved with the work the Looked After Children's Council does. The comments box below gives you a chance to do this, so even if you don't attend the groups you have an opportunity to voice your opinions.

Currently the Looked After Children's Council are working on the following topics. If you have any comments or views about these please tell us what they are by filling in the comments box.

Topic one: The Promises to Looked After Children and Care Leavers. We want to know what you think of them? Are there too many? Is there anything missing? How can we improve on them? How can we ensure who works with you knows about them and sticks to them?

Topic two: We would like to know how you think this website along with any ideas you have as to how it could be improved? 

As well as seeking your thoughts on the above topics we are also keen to hear your views on anything relating to your care, the services you receive, and any matters that are important to you that you feel the Looked After Children's council should take a look at

If you'd like a reply or would like to join, Please fill in your name and email.

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