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Living With a Foster Carer

Living with a Foster Carer

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  • Living with a foster carer or carers means you will live with them in the same house which will be your home. They might have children of their own and maybe a pet.
  • Foster Carers need to be understanding of your situation but will still give you boundaries to make sure that you are safe and they will help you to learn life skills.
  • They will support you with your education, to stay healthy, to be safe and help with things like cooking and managing money.
  • They can tell you (or find out) if there are any groups or clubs nearby so you know what is available for your age and can join them if you want. Foster Carers go on training where they can learn and get support to find out what is the best way to look after you.
  • Sometimes Foster Carers go on holiday and you might go with them but sometimes they might have already booked a holiday before you went to live with them. If this happens, your social worker will find you somewhere to live while your foster carers are away. This is called respite care.
  • Foster Carers are there to look after you, care for you and provide you with an environment that is safe and secure. Their home is your home and you should always feel comfortable with where you live. Social Workers try their very best to find you somewhere that is suited to you where you will feel happy and comfortable. If you don't feel happy or comfortable with where you live, you should talk this through with your social worker and/or foster carer to help make things work for you.