this is Redcar & Cleveland


We value our children and their individual progress highly, nurturing and celebrating achievement, equal opportunity and personal development.
We aim to work with parents, the community and local industry as partners, whose contribution will help us help children achieve to the full.

For us as teachers, the most important aspect of the way the children work is their attitude, which we encourage positively. If they care about what they are doing, if they take a pride in their work, if they are keen, interested and co-operative then they will obviously do well.

What we ask of each individual child whatever their ability, is that they try and achieve a little more each day and that the quality of their work gradually and steadily improves. As a staff we are continually attempting to improve the quality of our work by careful planning, constant discussion and regularly attending courses. Our staff are caring and committed to the high standard which they set for themselves and the children in their care.