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Bringing families closer together

Together with the Loftus schools Hummersea, Handale and St. Josephs, we are part of a social network. The aim of this group is to bring families together.

Regular outings are organised for families outside normal school hours. These have included:-
  • Shopping trips to York and Leeds
  • Theatre visits
  • Wet and Wild
  • Guisborough Forest Festival
  • Lightwater valley
  • Ice Skating

and many more...

There is a small charge for visits but they are all heavily subsidised. Personal payment plans are available for any of our families who wish to pay in instalments.

If you have any ideas for places you would like to visit as a family, please let us know and we will see if we can organise it.

If you have already been on one of our trips we are looking forward to seeing you again and if you have not yet, the Social Network team is looking forward to meeting you.


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