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Covering Letters

Writing a covering letter

When you send in a CV, you will often be asked to accompany it with a covering letter.

You should use the letter to sell yourself, explain why you are suitable for the role and describe how the information in your CV is relevant to the job that youre applying for.

When youre writing the letter, you should:

· keep it to a maximum of one side of A4 paper and emphasise your suitability for the role
· always use a computer to write it, unless the job advert asks for a handwritten letter
· include the job title or reference number of the job youre applying for
· get someone else to check it for spelling mistakes before you send it off; dont rely on a computer spell check, as these can often be unreliable

While your CV should show off your skills and qualifications, your covering letter should explain why you're applying for this particular job and what makes you the right person for that particular job

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