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East Coast Training

Who is East Coast Training?

East Coast Training are part of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council's Regeneration Department and have been successfully working with young people aged 14-19 for over 12 years. We work across two sites in the Redcar and Cleveland area and offering entry level to level 2 courses. East Coast Training are based at the De Brus Centre, Skelton and The Fire Escape in Redcar.

East Coast Training was graded good by Ofsted in November 2008, which recognised the support given to young people to help them achieve their goals.

East Coast Training's Study Programme delivers qualifications at Entry level to Level 1 (with some level 2 qualifications offered). As part of the programme we deliver a range of qualifications such as GCSE Maths and English and Functional Skills Maths and English. We also offer a range of vocational courses which are delivered alongside a work placement and will give a young person real life experience of working in that area. We also deliver a range of employability and personal development qualifications that will enhance skills in these areas. As part of a Study programme young people can also access a range of developmental opportunities that help enhance leadership, team building and communication skills.

All study programmes at East Coast Training are full time and learners will work towards a programme of 540 hours.

We also deliver Traineeships which are available for young people aged 16-19 and for young people with Learning Difficulty Assessments up to academic age 25 years from 1st August 2013.

The core target group for traineeships are young people who:
  • Are not currently in a job and have little work experience, but who are focused on work and the prospect of it;
  • Are qualified below Level 3; and
  • Providers and employers believe have a reasonable chance of being ready for employment or an apprenticeship within six months of engaging in a traineeship.

The core content of traineeships will be a high quality work placement, work preparation training and English and Maths.

What qualifications do we deliver?
  • NOCN Level 1 Certificate in Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
  • NOCN Level 1 Certificate in Horticulture
  • NOCN Level 1 Certificate in Retail Knowledge
  • NOCN Level 1 Certificate in Childcare/Parenting
  • City and Guilds Level 1 Diploma in Employability and Personal Development
  • Edexcel GCSE in Maths and English
  • City and Guilds 3847 Mathematics and English Skills (Entry level to level 2)
  • City and Guilds Functional Skills Maths and English

Financial Support

The Bursary Fund is available to provide support to young people who are 16-18 years old and who are experiencing financial difficulty with meeting the costs associated with their learning

Who is Eligible for Bursary Support?

Priority groups have been identified to allow us to support young people who are most in need primarily those from families with low household incomes. The funds will be prioritised as follows:

Priority Group 1: Guaranteed learner, which means you will be:
§ 16-18 year old in care or a care leaver
§ 16-18 year old in receipt of income support
§ 16-18 disabled young person in receipt of Employment Support Allowance and in receipt of Disability Living Allowance
Priority Group 2: All young people who do not fall into Priority Group 1, but have genuine financial and/or motivational barrier to accessing learning.

What Can We Offer?

Priority Group 1
A bursary of £1200 per year, which will be paid into the young persons bank account, on a weekly basis, this will mean payments of £40 per week (based on a 30 week programme). Payments are subject to attendance and behaviour. As East Coast Training is a full time programme, holidays can also be accrued at 2 days per month.

Priority Group 2
Total payment of £10 per week will be paid directly into young peoples bank accounts. Payments are made depending on attendance and behaviour. When participating in a work placement, payments increase to £20 per week. Additional bonuses can be achieved for exceptional work or achievement.

Further support

East Coast Training aim to support all young people with their transport costs when accessing our programme. Bus fares can be reimbursed and also a mini bus service is available (depending on geographical area and availability)

More information

For full information on courses please see the attachments below.

Or contact us on:

01287 659534 De Brus, Skelton

01642 777653 The Fire Escape, Redcar

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