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Becoming a parent can be a wonderful and fulfilling thing in life, but its important that youre ready for it.
Bringing up a baby will put you under huge pressure and stress and can be really hard work. Thats why many people wait until theyre a bit older to start a family.

If you have unprotected sex, you might get pregnant. Using contraception, for example condoms, the pill, implant or injection will prevent this. Condoms are best as they stop you catching STIs*
like candida, warts, herpes and HIV, too.

Dont be embarrassed to talk about contraception with your partner. Its worth it to stay safe and healthy.

If youve had unprotected sex and your period is late, dont panic. The next step is to find out if youre pregnant and decide what to do.

We have a team of experienced practitioners who can support parents individually or facilitate fun, informative group sessions to help through the difficult years. The group sessions are a great social network and a great chance to meet and talk to other parents.

Teenage Pregnancy & Parenting Support Centre, West Terrace, Redcar 01642 479324

Childcare Link provides details of local childcare providers as well as general information about childcare.

Care to Learn - helping teenage parents with the cost of childcare, so they can continue in learning. Call 08000 96 02 96.