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Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender

What is this?

Your sexuality is all about who you are attracted to. Some people fancy the opposite sex (heterosexuals, straight), others are attracted to people of the same sex (homosexual, gay, lesbian), while some are attracted to both sexes (bisexual). These feelings often gradually appear in childhood and develop over time into adulthood.

You dont have to tell the whole world about your sexuality. If you are gay or bisexual sometimes it can be hard to tell people, so you should only tell them when you are ready and feel comfortable. It is perfectly all right to be attracted to others in this way, but it can be harder to find support and understanding for some.

Unfortunately sometimes people experience some prejudice or bullying from people who have difficulty dealing with those whose sexuality is different from their own.

Local Information

Mesmac North East offers telephone information and support for gay men, counselling services and a weekly group for gay and bisexual men under 26. All the support is free of charge. Call 01642 804400.

For more information

The BBC's Onelife site has good information about sexuality and coming out.