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TARGET Leaving Care

Benefits and financial support

Personal Allowance.
Young people who are involved with TARGET who are care leaver's aged 16 17 will receive a personal allowance and the amount of money is based on how much you would receive if you were claiming job seekers allowance or income support.

When you become 18 your personal adviser (P.A) will help you apply for your benefits, if you are in education or training this will be income support and if you are not in education, training or employment it will be job seekers allowance and your P.A will also help you apply for housing benefit.

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Setting up Home Grant.Benefits and financial support
An assessed amount is paid to young people leaving care. This can be spent over a period of months or used as a lump sum and is for items essential to independent living. Your personal adviser will monitor the spending of the allowance and will work alongside you to achieve best value for money. A record is kept by the Business Support Officer .
Although young people have a choice of how to spend the allowance, some items must be purchased such as a TV licence and home insurance and they are purchased as well as items bought from the setting up home grant. If you don't spend all or any of your allowance by the time you leave the service at 21, you can still access your setting up home allowance up to the age of 24 years.

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