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Crime and Disorder

Chances are, you know someone your age who's been a victim of crime. Maybe they've had their mobile snatched or been made to hand over money - this is called being mugged. Perhaps they've been attacked because of their religion or skin colour.

Make calls on your mobile in a private place if you can - dont keep it in full view. Remember, if you are wearing an iPod or mp3 player you could be unaware of things going on around you and not hear someone approaching. Just be aware.

You shouldn't let these things stop you going out, but if you know how to stay safe you'll feel a lot more confident.

For more information

YIP - Safe in Tees Valley Prevention Programme 01642 493887

Victim Support 0845 30 30 900

ChildLine 0800 1111

www.immobilise.com (where you can register your mobile, iPod, TV, etc. - anything with a serial number)

Directgov - Crime and Justice