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Protecting your mobile phone

Having your phone stolen is a hassle. It's not just the handset you lose, it's the numbers, messages and photos too. Knowing how to protect your mobile and keep it safe will save you a lot of inconvenience and stress.

Carrying your phone
  • If you're not making a call, make sure that your phone is hidden away. Keep it in one of your front pockets or inside a bag. Don't attach it to your belt or around your neck.

  • Thieves are opportunists, so don't make yourself an easy target by showing off the handset you're carrying around.

  • Lots of people take their phones out of their pockets when they're sitting down. If you're out with your friends, don't put your phone on a table as anyone walking by can easily run off with it.

  • Type *#06# into your mobile to get your IMEI number and write it down. If your phone gets nicked you can stop anyone else making calls on it.

  • Keep the phone locked and have a PIN number that only you know.
For more advice on protecting your mobile phone, including making a call; securing your handset; and register, report, unit click on 'Directgov' below.