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After School Clubs

The After School Clubs listed here typically offer childcare at the end of the school day until around 6pm. They may be based on a school site or be part of a larger day nursery provision that offers the service of collecting your child(ren) after school and taking them back to be cared for in their after school club. Those on school sites may be organised by the school themselves, but other schools may have chosen to work with local voluntary groups (such as churches) or private providers to offer the after school childcare.

Parents wishing to claim the childcare element of the working tax credit should ensure that the provision is registered with Ofsted or run directly by the school. If in doubt, please check this with the after school club themselves.

Remember, for complete and detailed information, advice and guidance about choosing appropriate childcare for your children, please contact the Families' Information Service on 0800 073 8800 or email us at FIS@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk

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