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Before your interview

Before you attend an interview, all your prospective employer knows about you is the information given in your application form and CV. An interview is an opportunity for you to really sell yourself. Before you go to any interview, make sure youve done a bit of research about the company. Look at the companys website to see what work theyre currently doing and find out about any recent developments. Showing that you have an understanding of the wider industry as a whole will make you stand out from other interviewees.

As with interviews for college or university, it is important that you:

· Make sure you know where the interview will be held

· Know who you will need to ask for on arrival

· Arrive on time

· Dress smartly in order to make a good impression

· Tell the truth during the interview .if you lie in an interview and are asked to go into more detail, it will be obvious that you dont know what youre talking about

· Prepare at least one question about the job itself to ask at the end of the interview

The Interview

Arrive at least 5 minutes before your interview time and make sure you have all your evidence that you may be asked for in a folder. Ensure that you shake hands with the interviewer/panel and maintain eye contact. You should be told in advance whether the interview will be a panel.

What to wear

First impressions count so it is important to look smart. Make sure that the clothes you choose look neat and clean and are ironed. A creased shirt will give the interviewer the impression that you're not really bothered.

A shirt and tie is probably best for males going for a job interview. Make sure that you wear shoes, not trainers, and that you give them a good polish.

Females should dress smartly too; a formal skirt or trousers with a smart-casual top. Try not to go for a top that is revealing or shows a lot of flesh: it won't look as smart as something with sleeves would.

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