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Newlife Service Team (Newlife Foundation For Disabled Children)

Newlife Foundation is a UK based national charity that:

Funds medical research to improve child health; Funds grants for essential equipment; Offers support services via a nurse helpline; Campaigns for a fairer deal for disabled children.

Care Services Department:
Newlife's Care Services Department consists of health professionals with specialist interests and experiences within childhood disability. The team will assess each enquiry in confidence and give information, support and will signpost families to external organisations, where applicable.

Nurse Helpline:
The Nurse Helpline is a national Helpline which supports and informs families, whether they have just been told their child's disability or need help accessing services. The Newlife Nurse Helpline is free, confidential and trusted: 0800 902 0095 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Wed 9am-7pm), live chat during office hours via the website or by email to nurse@newlifecharity.co.uk.

Equipment Grants:
Newlife Foundation offers grant for essential equipment. Newlife Nurses can progress a grant for equipment direct from Newlife funds or they can provide information of grants available nationally from other sources.

Just Can't Wait Service:
To ensure that termnally ill children don't have to wait to get vital equipment, Newlife offers the Just Can't Wait Service. Newlife is able to loan essential professionally-maintained equipment as a matter of urgency, to children with life limiting conditions and/or palliative needs, within 72 hours of the family verbally agreeing to the terms and conditions of a loan agreement.

Play Therapy Pod Service:
When children have complicated medial needs, the opportunity to play and develop through sensory interactions is often minimised due to time, resources or ability. Newlife recognise that the therapeutic effect of play can make a huge difference to individual children and the family as a whole - which is why Play Therapy Pods of specialist toys are loaned to children for an average of 12 weeks .

Newlife Centre
Hemlock Way,
WS11 7GF

Restrictions:The Service is restricted to: All areas.
Tel:01543 468 888

For further information regarding this service, please use the service contact details given above.

If you are unable to find the information or advice you need from this website, please phone the Families Information Service on 0800 073 8800 or use the Families' Guidecontact us form and we will try to assist you further.