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Anonymous Agony Aunt

ArE YoU cOnFuSeD? uPsEt?
In NeEd Of AdViCe?

Dear anonymous,

Please can you get in touch with me, Amy Keogh, young person's support worker on 01642 488433 or


so that I can listen to your problem and try to help.

Thank you very much.


Send your problem anonymously into the Target website! We don't need to know your name to help solve your problem! It will then be posted on this page for both members of staff and your fellow care leavers to give their advice and opinions on!

This week's question

I dont gt whats gunna appen wen i leave care and its scary as to fink im gunna b on my own.help

If you can help, please send your comments below.

Reply - This is something you need to discuss with your PA.

TARGET will be involved until you reach 21 (24 if your in full time education) and will support you through out your transistion into independence!

You need to make good use of your P.A and ask all the questions you need to know the answers to!

Also check out the web site as there is a lot of infomation on your entitlements as well as housing and other advice when it comes to leaving care.

Hope this helps!!

Just remember there is no problemtoo BIG, no problem too small and no problem too embarrassing!

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