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Child abuse and the internet:

The internet has become a significant tool in the distribution of indecent photographs/ pseudo photographs of children. Internet chat rooms, discussion forums and bulletin boards are used as a means of contacting children with a view to grooming them for inappropriate or abusive relationships, which may include requests to make and transmit pornographic images of themselves or to perform sexual acts in front of a webcam. Contacts made initially in a chat room are likely to be carried on via email, instant messaging services, mobile phone or text messaging.

Children and young people may find the following tips useful.

Top Tips for Staying Safe
  • Remember, everyone you meet online is a stranger, even though they may seem like a friend.
  • Always use a nickname when you log on and never give out any personal details that would allow someone you meet online to contact you. That means full name, home or school address, telephone number, personal email or mobile number.
  • Never arrange to meet up alone with someone you make friends with online, but if you are going to anyway, make sure you take an adult you trust and always meet in a public place.
  • Try to have your online conversations in public; people are less likely to hassle you if other people can see them doing it.
  • Accepting emails or opening files from people you don't really know, can get you into trouble. They may contain viruses, nasty messages or annoying links to stuff you don't really want to see,
  • Talk to an adult you know well and ask for help if you are worried or upset about anything you've seen or been sent online.
Useful links:
Tees E Safety Strategy ( updated November 2012)

Teeswide E Safety_Strategy_ Final NEW.pdf (1.16Mb) Last modified: 06/11/2012 14:38:53

Our Vision
Every child and young person will be confident and safe in the digital world. They will be supported and encouraged to develop as responsible 21st century citizens.
Schools and agencies will support and guide families and professionals to ensure that they also effectively contribute to our safer community and recognise their responsibility to present themselves as positive role models.

Redcar & Cleveland Safeguarding Children Board takes seriously the statutory role it has to ensure that member agencies co-operate to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in the locality, and to ensure that they are effective in doing so.

As part of promoting the welfare of children and young people in accordance with the Children Act 2004 and Working together to safeguard children 2010, Tees LSCBs have devised an e-safety strategy which can be downloaded above. The LSCBs have an expectation that member agencies develop an environment where children, young people and adults who work with them can use the internet and other digital technologies safely and securely.


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