13. Saltburn, Marske, New Marske

Key Issues
  • Targeting the priority area of the Jewel Streets within Saltburn in order to ensure a sustained and coordinated approach to their physical, social and economic regeneration
  • Alleviating the potential risk from flooding
  • Developing the tourism capacity of the settlements
  • Providing equipped play areas where a shortfall is identified
  • Improving transportation links between the settlements
  • Providing appropriate affordable housing
Saltburn, Marske and New Marske are situated on the lower coastal strip south and east of Redcar. All three towns act as dormer settlements for the urban area of the Tees Valley.

Saltburn is a Victorian seaside town providing a focus for the Boroughs tourism industry. Among the many delights of the town are the recently restored pier, the cliff lift, the Saltburn Smugglers Heritage Centre and the Valley Gardens. The dramatic cliffs to the east, the highest in England, provide an unrivalled view of the town and are along the Cleveland Way. The beach at Saltburn is becoming popular with surfers. The town is partly covered by a conservation area, and has 38 listed buildings. The town centre has been expanded by the renovation of the railway station.

Marske is a traditional fishing village that has seen rapid residential expansion. The High Street is characterised by stone cottages, and a compact town centre. The town has a conservation area and 35 listed buildings.

New Marske is a former mining village which grew as a separate settlement from Marske. The evidence is seen in the terraced streets on the east of the village. The village expanded rapidly in the 1970s to form the rectangular shape evident today. Services and facilities in the village are limited, with most residents having to travel outside the settlement for food and entertainment. There is one listed building in the settlement.

Targeting the Priority Area in Saltburn:
The Redcar & Cleveland Community Plan identifies the Jewel Streets area of Saltburn as a geographical priority area. This is due to the neighbourhood displaying concentrated levels of disadvantage where significant coordinated levels of investment are required. These levels of disadvantage were seen in the information regarding levels of educational attainment, unemployment rates, the number of private landlords, lone parent families, levels of crime, the number of elderly, the level of overcrowding and homes lacking central heating to name a few.

The Jewel Streets are located north of the railway line and are so called due to the streets all being named after jewels: coral, garnet, ruby, diamond etc. The area is predominantly two and three storey terraced properties which were mainly built between 1863 and 1914. As a consequence, some of the housing stock is in need of repair and improvement to reach the standards and requirements of modern life. Any development in this area must have due regard to the special architectural and historic interest of the area.

Q13.1. What do you think the Jewel Streets area needs to ensure the levels of disadvantage are reduced?

Areas at Potential Risk from Flooding:
Both Saltburn and Marske are at potential risk from coastal flooding. The Shoreline Management Plans identify the way forward for the coastal reaches of the Borough in terms of sea defenses and monitoring the erosion rates. Saltburn is at potential risk from river flooding. Both potential coastal and river flooding areas have been identified by the Environment Agency on their "Indicative Floodplain Maps". All areas at potential risk from flooding will be shown on the Proposals Maps.

Q13.2. What measures should the Local Plan introduce to safeguard future development from potential flooding?

Developing the Tourism Capacity:
Saltburn is a popular visitor destination, however, the tourism capacity of Saltburn, Marske and New Marske could be improved. The area is a very attractive part of the country and its strength is the dramatic landscape.

Saltburn already attracts people to the town during special events, for example: the heritage week, the surfing championships and concerts and plays in the Valley Gardens. The future for Saltburn needs to be carefully orchestrated to build upon these successes, and to ensure that any development does not detract from the townscape. A series of initiatives under the Rural Challenge Scheme are designed to build upon the tourism potential for Saltburn.

New Marske caters for a more local day visitor market, providing recreational facilities in the form of Errington Woods to the south of the settlement. This wood caters for the quiet enjoyment of the countryside by for example: orienteering, nature trails and dog walking. New Marske could be affected by the potential relocation of Redcar Racecourse. As a result, opportunities may exist for the comprehensive development of the settlement to attract further visitors to the area.
Marske currently has a low tourist capacity. The settlement caters for the local needs of the population for the quiet enjoyment of the countryside by, for example, walks along the coast and the valley gardens.

Q13.3. What do you foresee as the priority for tourism in Saltburn, Marske and New Marske?

Q13.4. What other opportunities for the development of tourism that need to be identified in the Local Plan?

Q13.5. What development opportunities do you think should be identified to promote Saltburns regeneration to realize its heritage and tourism potential?

Providing Equipped Play Areas:
The 2000/01 Open Space Assessment identified a general lack of equipped play areas in the Borough. Specifically for the settlements of Marske, New Marske and Saltburn there is a need for at least 4Ha of equipped play areas and 8Ha of kickabout sites.

Q13.6. Where would you like to see any new play areas located?

Q13.7. Where would you like to see any new kickabout areas located?

Improving Transportation Links


The settlements of Marske and Saltburn can be accessed by rail. The future of the service is uncertain, however the protection of the route is essential for the future. Whether the service remains in its current form or is developed into a LRT remains to be seen, but it will be the key to the future development of the settlements. A new rail halt and footbridge north of The Ings is proposed in the adopted Local Plan that has yet to be implemented.


The 3 settlements are accessed from the A174, which acts as a by-pass for the settlements of Marske and New Marske and passes through Saltburn. The protection of these routes is essential for the future vitality of the settlements.


The Council is committed to the Tees Valley Cycle Strategy, and has adopted a cycling action plan and is developing an area-wide cycle initiative.

The proposed national cycle route goes through Marske and Saltburn where existing routes will be enhanced and linked to other settlements.

Saltburn and Marske are currently in the existing cycle network linking to Redcar along the Coast Road. There is a proposed longer term link to connect Saltburn to Guisborough via Brotton and Boosbeck. New Marske is neither served by the existing cycle network nor proposed to be included in the proposals.


The coast is well provided for in terms of public footpaths, with the Cleveland Way passing through Saltburn; the Saltburn Valley; Hazel Grove, and the coast itself to South Gare. There are links to the numerous woods in this area (Errington Woods, Hazel Grove, Rifts Wood) from these settlements, providing the local community with access to the countryside.

Q13.8. What improvements to the transport infrastructure would benefit Saltburn, Marske and New Marske?

Providing Affordable Housing:
The Redcar & Cleveland Housing Supply and Demand Analysis report (2001) identified a number of shortfalls for affordable housing provision within Saltburn and Marske.

Consideration will need to be given to the provision of affordable housing in these settlements. The Council is undertaking an urban capacity study, which should identify suitable sites within the urban area for affordable housing.

Q13.9. Where would you like to see affordable housing built?

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