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NOTE: Information supplied is provisional and may be subject to change.


Michael Dick (Lab)
Saturday, 18 July, 8 August and 12 September, Brotton Library, 10am to 11am. Call 07920 190418 for appointments.

Malcolm Griffiths (Con)
Call 07788 494128 for appointments.

Barry Hunt (Ind)
First Saturday at Brotton Library; Second Saturday at Jubilee Hall, Carlin How;
Last Saturday at Skinningrove Community Centre, all 10am to 11am. Call 07557 540629.


Carl Quartermain (Lab)
Consultation surgeries to be held on Redcar High Street - details to be announced.
Please call Cllr Quartermain for appointments on 07796 485836.
Neil Baldwin (Lab)
Second Tuesday at Redcar Library, 2pm to 3pm.
Please call Cllr Baldwin for appoints to his ward surgeries on 07818 587883.


Alec Brown (Lab), Ceri Cawley (Lab) and Ray Goddard (Lab)
First Friday at Cliff Houlding Park Court Community Centre, 6pm to 7pm.
Third Saturday at Severn Road Community Centre, 11am to 12noon.


Christopher Massey (Lab) and Geraldine Williams (Lab)
First Saturday at Eston California Youth and Community Centre, 10am to 11am.
**Cllr Massey and Cllr Williams' surgery on Sat 6 May has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

Residents can contact Cllr Massey on 07557540627 or Cllr Williams on 07789922822.**

Mrs Ann Higgins (Eston Independent)
Call for advice, support or an appointment on 01642 452329.


Jade Stainthorpe (Lab) and Lynn Pallister (Lab)
Second Saturday, Grangetown Library, 11am to 12pm.
Fourth Saturday, Grangetown, Neighbourhood Centre, 11am to 12pm.
Cllr Stainthorpe: 07771 345336
Cllr Pallister: 07712 618490 or 07765 897339


Bill Clarke (Ind)
Call 07825 116999 for appointments.

Shelagh Holyoake (Lab)
Second Wednesday, Guisborough Library, 5pm to 5:30pm (except August). 07825 274091.

Dennis Teasdale (Con)
Call 07796 485385 for appointments.


Caroline Jackson and Graham Jeffery (Con)
Call for appointments.
Cllr Thrower: 07584 703056
Cllr Jackson 07966 886348
Cllr Jeffery: 07973 898383

Dale Quigley (Lab) and Kevin Firman (Lab)

Brenda Forster (Lab)
Last Saturday of the month, the Dunes, Redcar, 10:30am - 11:30am.


Steve Kay (East Cleveland Ind)
First Saturday, Lingdale Village Hall, 11am to 12pm.


Wayne Davies (Ind Gp) and Mary Lanigan (Ind Gp)
Liverton village hall, see village hall notice board for details.
First Monday, Loftus coop building, 10am to 11:30am.
Second Monday, Luke Senior Hall, Rosedale Crescent, 6pm to 7pm.
Please ring for an appointment for any other advice session.
Wayne Davies 07557 540625 or Mary Lanigan 01287 640993 / 07825 228007

Eric Jackson (Lab)
First Saturday, Loftus Library, 10:30am to 12pm.
Second Saturday, Village Hall, Grinkle Lane, Easington;
Third Saturday, Luke Senior Hall, Rosedale Crescent;
Fourth Saturday, Liverton Mines Community Centre, all 10:30am to 12pm.
Call 07795 305916


Norah Cooney (Con)
Call 01642 486368 for appointments.

Steve Turner (UKIP)
Call 07766 780884 for appointments.

Vera Rider (Con)
First Saturday of every month, Gleneagles Centre, New Markse, 10:30am to 12pm.


Billy Wells (Ind)
Call 07900 924807 or 01642 497172 or email cobbler160@msn.com for appointments.


Billy Ayre (Lab)
Third Saturday, Smiths Dock Bowling Club, 10am to 11am.

Brian Dennis (Lab) and Chris Foley-McCormack (Lab)
Second and Fourth Saturday, Methodist Church, Cleveland Street, 10:30am to 11:30am.

Brian Dennis (Lab)
Call 07916 809782 for appointments.


Irene Nightingale (Lib Dem)
Last Thursday, Ormesby Library, 6pm to 7pm.

Glyn Nightingale (Lib Dem)
First Tuesday every month, 1:30pm - 2:30pm at the Community Café, Nunthorpe Shops, Guisborough Road.


Craig Hannaway (Lab), Stuart Smith (Ind Gp) and Philip Thomson (Con)
Fourth Saturday, Saltburn Library, 11am to 12pm.

Craig Hannaway (Lab)
First Saturday, Saltburn Library, 11am to 12pm.

Philip Thomson (Con)
Second Saturday, Saltburn Library, 11am to 12pm.

Stuart Smith (Ind Gp)
Third Saturday, Station Portico outside Sainsburys, 9:30am to 10:30am and 11:30am to 12:15pm.


Cliff Foggo (Con)
First Saturday, Skelton Library, 10am to 11am. Or call 07557 540630 or email cliff.foggo@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk.

Helen McLuckie (Lab) and David Walsh (Lab)
Third Saturday, Skelton Library, 11am to 12pm.

South Bank:

Sue Jeffrey (Lab)
First Saturday, South Bank Library, 10am to 11am. Or call 01642 465796.

Ian Jeffrey (Lab)
Second Saturday, South Bank Library, 11am to 12noon. Or call 01642 465796

Neil Bendelow (Lab)
Third Tuesday, South Bank Library, 5.30pm to 6.30pm. Or call 07415 547478.

St Germain's:

Karen King (Lib Dem)
Third Tuesday, 5:30pm to 6:30pm.
Please call 07500 606894 for appointments.

Margaret Wilson (Lib Dem)
Third Monday, Marske Library, 11am to 12pm.


Robert Hodgson (Lab), Bob Norton (Lab) and Leanne Reed (Lab)
First Saturday, Eston Labour Club, 10am to 11am.
Cllr Hodgson: 07825 231051
Cllr Norton: 07825 228014
Cllr Reed: 07584 703081

West Dyke:

Lisa Harding (Lib Dem), Chris Jones (Lib Dem) and Mary Ovens (Lib Dem)
Second Thursday, Rye Hills School, 7pm to 8pm.
Cllr Ovens 07909 906422 or 01642 507104
Cllr Harding 07584 140552
Cllr Jones 07825 228006


Carole Jeffery (Con)
Call 07738 042833.

Anne Watts (Ind Gp)
Last Saturday in the month 11am to 12pm Boosbeck Community Centre or call 07775 411548
*Please note that from 25th February, Cllr Watts' ward surgeries will take place at Margrove Park Community Centre*


Neil OBrien (Lab)
Second Saturday, Laburnum Road Library, 10:30am to 12noon. Call 07825 228095.

Josh Mason (Lib Dem)
First Tuesday, Durham Road Community Centre, 6pm to 7pm. Or call 07909 888872 or 01642 288539

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