Equestrian Road Safety

Two horse riders Did You Know?
  • There are over 2 .4 million, horse riders in the Great Britain
  • There are over 26 million registered vehicles on the roads today
  • There are 8 horse related road accidents each DAY.
  • On average 5 riders are killed each year.
  • Over 50% of all road accidents involving horses occur on minor roads.
Some Dos & Donts of Horse Road Safety
  • Do wear protective headgear to the current approved standard, BS EN1384, PASO15 or ASTM F1163. Make sure that it is correctly fitted & secured.
  • Do lead on the LEFT of the road, with the horse on your LEFT whether mounted or dismounted.
  • Do give clear & accurate signals.
  • Do thank motorists who are courteous to you & be courteous to other road users.
  • Do not take a mounted group of eight or more on the roads.
  • Do not ride more than two abreast on the road.
  • Do not take an inexperienced horse onto the road without a steady horse present.
The average speed of vehicles on the minor roads is 40-45mph.

For a car traveling at 40mph it will take him/her almost the full length of a dressage arena (36 metres) to stop. By wearing High visibility clothing your chances of being seen increases by at least, 30 metres.
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