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About Land Charges

A Local Land Charges Search is part of the land and property conveyancing process. "Charges" refer to any outstanding financial claims, restrictions, decisions or information which may affect a particular property or parcel of land.

Searches are used to identify if there are any matters affecting a property or land which a prospective purchaser should be aware of and which might affect their decision to go ahead with the purchase.

In this way, the search is designed to protect potential purchasers of property.

When is a Land Charge Search required?

Searches and enquiries should be made on:

  • every land or property purchase and mortgage (or sale in some cases)
  • every taking or assignment of a lease
  • property used as security
  • long-term rentals (although not absolutely necessary)
Our service

Our Local Land Charges Section maintains the statutory Local Land Charges Register. We also collate information from various other Council departments such as Development Services to enable the completion of a Local Land Charges Search.

The official search is conducted by our trained and dedicated local land charges section. As part of this process, the team will ensure that the information revealed in your search report is relevant and accurate. We will normally complete an official search within 5 working days of receipt.

Advantages to using the councils Land Charges Searches are as follows:

  • authoritative data available from our departmental partners.
  • the official search will bear the logo of Redcar and Cleveland Council
  • we produce and sign a Certificate of Search which only Local Authorities are permitted to do.
  • no third party involvement
  • no add-on transaction fees
  • we offer an electronic return via email and NLIS
  • variety of search types to suit your needs
Search types

A local land search is split into two main types, a search of the:

  • Local Land Charge Register (LLC1),
  • CON29
The CON29 search is itself split into 2 sections

  • CON29R (Required)
  • CON29O (Optional).
The LLC1 form (Local Land Charges Register):

The LLC1 form is a legal document which reveals entries that are registered in the Local Land Charges Register against a property or land. The Local Land Charge Register is split into 12 parts:

  • Part 1 General Financial Charges
  • Part 2 Specific Financial Charges
  • Part 3 Planning Charges
  • Part 4 Miscellaneous Charges
  • Part 5 Fenland Ways Maintenance Charges
  • Part 6 Land Compensation Charges
  • Part 7 New Towns Charges
  • Part 8 Civil Aviation Charges
  • Part 9 Opencast Coal Charges
  • Part 10 Listed Building Charges
  • Part 11 Light Obstruction Notices
  • Part 12 Drainage Scheme Charges
CON29R form (Enquiries of a Local Authority):
This is a standard form of questions (containing 64 components) agreed between the Law Society and Local Government Associations. The form contains comprehensive enquires designed to reveal to intending purchasers information about the property to be purchased. The enquiries fall into the following categories:

  • Planning and Building Control
  • Roads
  • Other Matters
CON29O form (Enquiries of Local Authority - Optional):
The CON29O section is made up of a further 20 individual optional enquiries listed in the optional enquiries" section of the Local Search Schedule document.

Note: CON29 questions may be purchased individually if required.

Personal Search
A personal search may be conducted by anyone, but in the vast majority of cases these are conducted by private companies on behalf of their clients. A personal search allows for the inspection of the Local Land Charges Register, at the council offices. All other publicly available registers may also be inspected but they may not all be located in the same place; other information may need to be obtained from the council website or by reference to committee minutes.

Environmental Information Regulations

The Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR) give people a right of access to information about the activities of public authorities that relate to or affect the environment, unless there is good reason for them not to have the information.

This means that:

  • everybody has a right to access environmental information.
  • disclosure of information should be the default
  • an applicant (requester) does not need to give a reason for wanting the information.
  • all requests for information must be treated equally;
  • any information released under the Regulations must be treated as if it were being released to the world at large.

Environmental information is any information on:
  • the state of the elements of the environment and the interaction among these elements;
  • factors affecting or likely to affect those elements;
  • measures or activities affecting or likely to affect those factors or elements, or designed to protect those elements;
  • reports on the implementation of environmental legislation;
  • costbenefit and other economic analyses and assumptions used within the framework of those measures and activities; and
  • the state of human health and safety, conditions of human life, cultural sites and built structures in as much as they are or may be affected by those elements.

Some environmental information is already freely available on the RCBC website and national websites such as www.ukradon.org/. In these cases a formal request for information is not required as research can be made directly on the internet without cost.

From 1st April 2017, where the council receives an EIR request to supply information, appropriate cost recovery fees apply.

The Regulations require that EIR information is provided within 20 working days, however this deadline can be extended to 40 working days where the request is both complex and a large amount of information is required.

How to apply for a search

A search is normally carried out by a solicitor using one of the methods below:
Email - landcharges@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk

Post - Redcar & Cleveland House
Kirkleatham Street
TS10 1RT

Hand delivered to above address
DX document exchange
NLIS - National Land Information Service
(on-line service) http://www.nlis.org.uk


April 2017 / April 2018 Local Search and Enquiries fees are shown below:

Searches received From 1stApril 2017 Fee
Standard Local Search
(Con29R and LLC1)
£158 inc. VAT element from CON29
(i.e. £26 + £132 as below)
LLC1 £26.00 (VAT not applicable)
Form of Enquiries (CON29) £132 inc. VAT
Additional parcel of land £14.40 inc. VAT total fee

(Con29 additional parcel at: £9.00 + VAT / £10.80 including VAT and LLC1 additional parcel at: £3.60 vat not applicable)
Con 29O Individual Question £12.00 inc. VAT each except
£16.80 inc. VAT for CON29O Q22 (common land and village greens)
Personal Search £4.00 (VAT not applicable)

HMRC now apply VAT @20% to the CON29 element of land charge search fees.

For individual CON29 questions, as per the schedule of registers below, VAT @ 20% will be applied and will be additional to the fees shown in the schedule.

For all of the above forms the information given on a search relates only to the property or land identified on the search. The Council does not provide information regarding surrounding properties or land unless specified on the plan.

Note: CON29 searches have changed in line with guidance from the Law Society from 4th July 2016.

From 1stApril 2017, where the council receives an EIR request to supply information, fees will apply as per those set out in the CON29 Schedule of Registers and will be subject to VAT at 20%. The Council recognises that paying a charge for EIR requests will not be financially viable for some people. The Council will therefore offer requestors reasonable advice and assistance in order to help them narrow down the scope of their request in order to reduce the overall fee.

EIR fees may be waived or amended if it is felt that the information is not going to be used commercially and the provision of the information could be of economic or social benefit to the residents of the Borough e.g. a request for environmental information from a local residents group.

Payment methods

Payments Button

Obtain a Land Charges reference number for your search from the Land Charges Clerk, who will also advise you if and how VAT will be applied to your searches.

Click the online payment button above.

If paying for LLC1 (non-VAT applicable) searches, click on the Land Charges LLC1payment payment type in the left hand column and proceed to enter the search reference number and payment details/ amount.

If paying for CON29 (VAT applicable) searches click on the Land Charges CON29payment type in the left hand column and proceed to enter the search reference number and payment details/amount. EIR payments are made in the same way as for CON29 payments.

Where your search comprises of both LLC1 and CON29 searches, enter the LLC1 detail as above first. Then click on the Add to List button, followed by the Land Charges CON29 payment type and proceed to add the CON29 details entering the Land charges reference number previously provided to you by the Land Charges Clerk. When both elements are successfully added, proceed through the payments screen.

This process allocates the appropriate VAT and non VAT elements, through a single payment. VAT receipts will be available at point of payment.

Made payable to Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council

Searches cannot be released until cheques have cleared.

Cash/card via cashiers Seafield House, Kirkleatham Street, Redcar.
Further Land Searches guidance is provided by the government appointed Land Data Organisation via the following link www.land-data.org.uk/article/Consumer-guides

Frequently Asked Questions

Who carries out the Local Land Charges search?
Search requests are usually received from the Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer acting for the purchaser of a property. Personal Search Companies also make searches and anyone can make a search if they submit their request on the correct forms. These forms - the LLC1 and CON29 - are available from Legal stationers.

How many forms do I need to submit?
The LLC1 and Con29 forms should be submitted in duplicate when sending in a postal request.

Do I need to send you any plans of the property?
Yes we require an A4 plan in duplicate with the property to be searched on clearly outlined in red.

Who can apply for a Search?
Any person can apply. You can lodge the application yourself or through your Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer.

What is the difference between a Personal Search and a Local Authority search?
A Personal Search provides the information of an LLC1 search but its content is your own responsibility and its accuracy is not guaranteed by the Council. A CON 29 form is not used for a Personal Search enquiry and if you wish to ask any similar questions you must approach each individual Council department yourself. You may be charged for any information that is provided following such requests. Some Land Charges information may be accessed via a searches portal in the Library at Redcar & Cleveland House, Kirkleatham Street, Redcar.

What is NLIS?
NLIS ( National Land Information System) is the electronic way of sending and receiving search requests. http://www.nlis.org.uk

Can I submit a Clients cheque?
We will accept clients cheques however the search replies will not be returned to you until the cheque has been cleared by our Bank.

Do you answer Drainage enquiries?
No - Please contact Northumbrian Water
Northumbrian Water
Customer Centre
PO Box 300
Tel: 0345 717 1100

Will the road information reply tell me if all the roads abutting my property are adopted?
Yes provided they have been requested on the CON29 form.

Do I send my Commons Registration Search to you?
Yes by selecting Question 22 on the CON29 form.

Can Land Charges tell me who owns a certain property or piece of land?
No you will need to make application to Land Registry

Contact us

Tel: (01642) 444408
Email: landcharges@redcar-cleveland.gov.uk

Further Information and Guidance

Further Land Searches guidance is provided by the government appointed Land Data Organisation: www.land-data.org.uk/article/Consumer-guides

Schedule of Registers:

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