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Redcar & Cleveland Facebook pages

Please give the page a 'Like' to receive updates from that group What is Facebook?
Answer: Facebook is a social networking site that allows users to create a profile page that may include text, photos, audio and video or other interactive elements (eg. an event calendar or game). Users can make a 'friend request' to profiles of interest. If the request is approved the user gets to see 'posts' made by their friend and can comment on anything that appears on their friend's 'wall' page. The 'wall' presents updates and comments in time stamped order.

Redcar & Cleveland Twitter accounts

Follow Redcar & Cleveland Council on Twitter -
What is Twitter?
Answer: Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that allows you answer the question, "What are you doing?" by sending short text messages 140 characters in length, called "tweets", to your friends, or "followers."


Redcar & Cleveland Flickr accounts

Flickr -

Redcar & Cleveland want to share images taken from various sources such as News articles, Tourism/ Events, Regeneration within the borough and if your simply visiting the borough there is a set called Views of Redcar & Cleveland

this is Redcar & Cleveland Public Gallery
If your a member of flickr and you want to add you have images taken in Redcar & Cleveland, we welcome you to add them to our public group.

What is Flickr?
Flickr is a photo sharing website.
Flickr explained in an image


As a Council we welcome contributions on our social media channels and will actively seek to respond to those who contact us or make comment. We will also work hard to monitor these channels as closely as possible and will remove any unlawful, offensive, defamatory or inappropriate information.

If you spot any material that you feel falls into these categories, please contact the Communications Team via

Any comments not written by the Council should not be taken as views of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.

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