Information on School Crossing Patrol Service

School crossing partolThe information given on this page is designed to assist schools and the public to understand the function of Redcar & Cleveland Council School Crossing Patrol Service.

Parental responsibility
Parents remain responsible for ensuring their children's safety to and from school even where a School Crossing Patrol is provided.

Some parents may regard the provision of a School Crossing Patrol as an indication that the Authority is assuming the responsibility for the safety of their children on their journey to and from school.

This is a misconception - it is the parents' responsibility at all times.

Recruitment of a School Crossing Patrol

School Crossing Patrols are recruited from various sources:

  • Schools are asked to advertise in their newsletters to parents
  • An advert is placed with the local job centre
  • Posters are placed around the local community
Interviews of candidates are carried out by the School Crossing Patrol Coordinator in the appropriate area and the candidates are always Enhanced CRB checked. The successful candidate is invited to attend a Corporate induction then issued with a regulation uniform and trained on site.

Absence cover

If a School Crossing Patrol is absent through sickness the School Crossing Patrol Coordinator will try and find a Relief Patrol to give emergency cover.

However, there is a serious shortage of relief patrols and often no relief is available.

If a site cannot be covered, the school is told as soon as possible and is asked to tell parents at once.

Vacant school crossing patrol site

If a School Crossing Patrol site becomes vacant the appropriate school(s) are then informed. The school(s) should then inform parents of the uncovered site.

The recruitment procedure is then carried out. The site remains uncovered until a new permanent Patrol has taken up the position.
(Relief Patrols are only available for emergency cover).

Health and safety

The Council is responsible for the Health and Safety of School Crossing Patrols at work.

All School Crossing Patrol sites are daily risk assessed by the school Crossing Patrol Officer.

Patrols cannot accept custody of children until their parent /carer arrive.
Children should remain on school premises unless they are allowed to go home on their own. The Patrol is responsible for children who come to cross at the site and must not be distracted by any children who are waiting to be collected.

Parents are also discouraged from parking or dropping off children near to school entrances or the School Crossing Patrol site. This bad practice can obscure not only the patrols vision but also that of any oncoming motorists. This can put both the Patrol and children in danger.

Extra Duties

Any extra times during the day that the school would like the School Crossing Patrol to help out at must be authorised by the School Crossing Patrol Service.

If a school would like their School Crossing Patrol to go into the school to talk to the children regarding their job or any other road safety issues, the Patrol should be approached in the first instance. They will then contact their School Crossing Patrol Manager to inform them of the visit.

The same procedure should be adopted if a school would like the School Crossing Patrol to assist in the movement of children outside of school e.g. church services.

Schools can also request a visit from the School Crossing Patrol Service.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01642 774774.

School Crossing Patrols
Please be courteous & Polite

Many schools have a 'lollipop' person operating nearby. Whenever you know a Crossing Patrol operates, please give them every consideration and assistance by; Parking well away from them.

(They need to SEE and be SEEN by approaching traffic).

Reduce your speed and b prepared to STOP!
Obey their instructions when signalled to STOP!
Give them time to cross pedestrian safety and return back to the pavement.School crossing partol
Please note, the law states that as from 2001 school crossing patrols are allowed to cross adults and children at anytime of day.
Please be patient and considerate.

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